The First Day and Other School Things - 2016

September 2, 2016

Georgia and her first day of Kindergarten

So obviously this day did not go how I had planned.  Milam ended up being born on August 22nd which also was Georgia's first day of school.  He was actually born around the same time I had an alarm set to get her up for school.  Took us all a few minutes in L and D to figure out what that sound was.  It was G's school "wake up call".  Obviously it all turned out fine.  My mom and I took turns trading status updates.  I would send updates on labor, delivery, Milam stats and pictures and she would send me messages about how G was doing and her "official" first day of school pictures.  I guess it will be a good story in a few years :)
She did wonderful on her first day and did just as great all the other days as well.  I have pictures of her everyday but Wednesday because that was after our first night at home and I couldn't think straight...or walk straight for that matter.  I was so so sleepy...and honestly still am :(  I'm so grateful for grandparents who are so willing to help.
And, here are a few school odds and ends.
Jonathan trying to get a pic of her "walking" into her school.
Cookies for FRIDAY car rider line pick up!
Georgia and I were practicing getting up and out of the house the week before school started.  She did really well and I was actually surprised because typically she HATES being woken up and literally refuses but we've also been getting her in bed at her bed time (7:30-8) so that's helped as well.  This particular morning we got up to go get breakfast at a local bakery.
 I also snagged some banana bread and made this cute little tag for "Meet the Teacher".  I was dead set of giving her homemade but I came home to a bowl full of lemons...not bananas.  I was close...they're both yellow.
 It was finally time to go meet her teacher.  To say she was excited would be an understatement.
 Her and her best bud, Ethan held hands down the hall but sadly they didn't get to be in the same class.  In the long run I that is actually a good thing but they are just too too cute together!
 Georgia was so excited to meet her teacher.  When I looked at this pictures later I realized they kind of matched.  Funny.  I could hardly contain her excitement.  
 And, I'm really excited because her desk is RIGHT next to the teachers.  Seriously, this makes me so happy!  Georgia is so talkative and social that she really needs her seat next to the teacher's.
When it was time to leave she was so sad.  She didn't want to leave.  We went back to the front of the school and made her walk us to class to see if she remembered how to get there by herself, which she did.  It was nice too because we were able to drop off all of her supplies so that will make Monday morning a lot easier.  I was preparing myself to be emotional but she was just so excited that I spent most of my energy keeping her wrangled that I didn't have time to be sad.

This post has been brought to you by:
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...making public school cute again.

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