October 28, 2016

Georgia's school is so fun.  This week was Red Ribbon Week (they encourage the kids to make healthy choices for their bodies) and Georgia and I have had a lot of fun with it.  Each day had a different theme.  Wear red, support a sports team, crazy socks, bright colors, and super hero.
Georgia with her triplet friends.  Their due dates were only two days apart and they've been in the same sunday school class since birth.  One of them is in her class.  I was so glad there was a familiar face on her first day.
They also had a pumpkin display in the library.  It was my idea to do BB-8 and it was Georgia's idea to do it in pink.  I added the bow and necklace and we called her Mrs. BB-8.  Georgia was so excited to take it to school.  I should have taken more time on it but I did it in like two hours so whatevs and I let her paint as well.
I'm trying to relinquish my perfectionism.  See: pumpkin above.  Every day I feel like another mom has it more together than me, her dinners are better, or her house is cleaner, or her photography is better, or she's more laid back, or her kids are smarter and more well behaved...the list goes on but I have to just

This kid here always has a smile and can fall asleep on my chest in a heart beat.  He happily lays on his play mat or in his bouncer and talks to all his little creatures looking at him  Unlike his sister though the length of his naps are unpredictable so it's hard to plan my day. AND last night (this morning, actually) he got up at 4:30 and was up for TWO HOURS.  He's never even up that long during the day.  So, I'll be looking mighty fresh and well rested for my first parent teacher conference today (as a parent!)  But look at that face!  This picture describes him perfectly...unless you want him to sleep longer.  Then, not so much with the smiles.
I turned 31 yesterday.  I'm not even giving that it's whole post.  I'm no longer 30...I'm, "in my 30s".  Ick.  I don't know why I have such a hard time with this.  All my friends here in Conroe are a good 5 years plus older than me so I'm literally the baby of the group but I just really liked being 22 or 25.  31 will be a good year :) This picture was at my birthday dinner.  No make up.  Hair in a bun.  Stretchy headband.  Baby sleeping on me.  This is totally me at 31.  Everyday this is me. (This picture of Milam also illustrates perfectly why I call him, "my little lump")
I'm a sucker for holiday surprises.  I had already gotten Georgia some Halloween surprise treats and when she got home yesterday I had this waiting for her.  She was very excited.  We are trying out the face paint tonight.  Follow me on Insta at MrsEmilyPowell to see how that turns out.  haha.
Happy Friday Everyone :)
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Kristi Ballweg said...

You are so cute!! And those littles of yours.. ADORABLE! Love all of Georgia's outfits for the week :)

Chelsea said...

Red Ribbon Week is always so much fun!! I love all the little outfits they get to wear :)
Happy Friday
Chelsea @

Just Jess said...

I love all of Georgia's outfits and you look beautiful at your birthday party! Jess at Just Jess

Emily Powell said...



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