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October 26, 2016

Tuesday marked SIXTEEN years that Jonathan and I have been together...and we're 31 (well, I will be 31 on Thursday.  Don't remind me.)  That's us as seniors in high school.  At that point we had been together over 3.5 years and yes his hair was highlighted.  He's gotten better with age.  The early 2000s were not a good time for male fashion.  hahaha
When I switched Georgia to formula I felt fine with feeding her from a bottle.  With Milam, it still just doesn't feel natural.  Every time I make him a bottle I think about it...and the fact that I'm still leaking (TMI?)  It's been over a month.  My supply was crazy this go around...too bad the thrush was too.
Continuing with baby talk, I wonder how sick of talking about how many kids we should have Jonathan is?  Probably so SO sick of it.  I'm going to leave it undecided for now.  That ok, J?
Milam had his two month appointment yesterday.  He did awesome and he's handling his shots really well.  He does have a possible hernia (hydrocele) so we have to get an ultrasound done to see.  Praying it's just fluid and nothing more :/
 I also had the chance to go out and vote.  So glad I was able to get that done!  Let's just try to vote in some good policy.  Try not to focus on the actual person.  Ugh.
Happy Wednesday.
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Ashley Autrey said...

Congratulations on 16 years! That's so amazing, especially for being so young.

Emily Powell said...

Thanks :)


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