Weekend Fun

October 24, 2016

Me:  No, Georgia.  You don't need that.  I'm only going to buy you things from now on for holidays and that's it.
Also me: Georgia, look what I bought you when I went out today! (New leggings and shirt that Georgia LOVES to pair but I did not intend for her to :/ )
We've been having SO MUCH fall fun!
Matching pajamas
Candy corn footies
New fall porch and halloween inspired outfits
Halloween costumes
Pumpkin patch
Halloween cookies
Georgia also participated in her first cheer clinic and loved it!
Milam was excited to go to his first football game
I should make my own hashtag #MilamSleeps BECAUSE, I'm so obsessed.
Saturday night we went out to dinner and did movie night.  Georgia fell asleep and woke up very unhappy that her movie was over.
Sunday Georgia sang in the kid's choir at church and then we did Trunk or Treat later that evening.
(Milam was sleeping and Jonathan was working on the landscaping so only G and I went to trunk or treat)


Erin said...

Georgia's plaid leggings are so cute!! Where did you get them?? And I love their matching jammies. I'm matching my kids as much as I can because they'll be telling me "no" way too soon! :)

Chelsea said...

So darling I love it :) Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com


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