Milam - Two Months

October 22, 2016

I can't believe our sweet little miracle of a baby is two whole months.  It's going by so quickly!

This month was your first full month on formula.  Because of that your thrush is 100% gone (your sister's kept coming back because I kept her on breast milk longer), your thrush diaper rash in 100% gone, you spit up less often (think my let down was too fast) and when you do it's not as large an amount, (ruled out a dairy allergy because your formula is milk based. Tried a "sensitive" one and you were VERY unhappy!) I haven't seen anymore blood on your sheets, far fewer tears from both of us, and you don't have a fussy time of day anymore so that's all winning to me!  (I read that only 5% of babies get was I lucky enough to get two.  Two!  Jonathan's mom had thrush in her mouth once and she said it was so painful she could hardly eat. If we had a third baby I'm not sure what I would do in terms of feeding.)  Trying to let go of the non breast feeding guilt but had to realize that it was giving you thrush and thrush was making you unhappy.  

You eat less than your sister but are bigger than her...although you carry your weight differently.

You're not eating more than you have been but you are mainly eating it in bigger chunks at a time.  You still only prefer 3oz at a time and will stop at just 2oz but I try to make you eat at least 3.  You're not food crazy like your sister was

This month you went up to 10 hours without waking although most nights you do 7-9.  You go down typically between 7:30-9 and wake up once in the early morning hour and then go back to sleep until I wake you up at 8:30.  You used to have a hard time knowing the difference between night and day so I semi established a wake up time for you in the morning.  I don't let you sleep past 8:30.
We started some sleep training around 6 weeks because anytime your face hit the sheets you would start crying and every bed time was taking FOREVER to get you down starting the day of your one month appointment.  So, I endured for about two weeks but then I just couldn't take the picking up and putting down anymore.  You were screaming in your carseat one time and fell asleep, which had never happened, so I knew you could do it.  When I put you down I wait until you're pretty much asleep and put you in bed.  If you wake up, you wake up and I let you cry until you fall back asleep...typically 5-10 minutes.  Since that took, you've been sleeping so much better for the most part.  I've tried so hard to break you of your 45 minute nap.  Literally, I have tried it all.  You used to take one long nap a day so you would do 3 short naps and one long nap.  But, the past two weeks you've abandoned the long nap and have been doing five or six 45 minute naps.  IT KILLS ME!!!  I cannot for the life of me get you to sleep longer unless I just let you cry for an insane amount of time.  By the end of the day my nerves are shot.  You wake up at 45 minutes.  Then, you barely eat because it hasn't been that long since you've eaten.  You fall asleep while you eat because you're still so sleepy.  You get cranky when you're awake and want to be held because you're still sleepy.  It's a really frustrating cycle.  You are basically perpetually over tired except first thing in the morning because you sleep so well at night.  At this age your sister was taking 6 hours worth or naps (2 hours at a time) and sleeping through the night.  You've got some catching up to do boy.
-And, literally as I'm writing this he's taken two 2 hour naps today.  Go ahead, make a liar out of me!-

You mastered smiling at rolling over way before you were even one month old and have now started talking and are trying very hard to laugh.  You love to stand up and can stand up with your own muscles if we're holding your arms.  You also like to practice sitting up.

You would literally never cry if we would let you cat nap all day but momma can't live on cat naps.  I'm a mean mom, I know.  It's even hard to tell when you're sleepy because you don't typically cry and if you do you stop as soon as we pick you up or talk to you.  I make a big deal out of sleep but you are seriously the sweetest, snuggliest, baby ever.  You are so content (not in your car seat but it's getting better) 99% of the time.  You've always enjoyed your play mat and bouncer chair.  You rock tummy time and hold your head like a champ.

I think you are up to 13 pounds right now.  We go to the doctor this week so I will update them.
-He is 13 pounds and 6 oz (72%) and 24 inches (85%)

Your hair still has a reddish tint and your eyes are still blue.  I get comments all the time about how gorgeous you are and that you are just perfect.  And you are.  You are an amazing little miracle of a baby and I could just eat you up.

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Oh I love these sweet pictures. Such a cute idea. Can't wait for 3!! XO


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