Friday and Holiday

November 18, 2016

School holidays are double the fun now (my husband, Jonathan is a principal) because not only does Jonathan have off but Georgia does too!  They both have the entire week off.  I'm so excited!  I feel like Jonathan has been working so much lately.  And when I say working I mean working late more often.  He's even working late today (taking G with him though) and found out he has to work saturday as well and is being brave and taking BOTH kids because I have FIVE photo shoots booked.  So, I guess we are both busy.

On Monday Georgia and I are leaving for Waco for two days for a fun little girl's getaway!  I LOVE Waco.  I went to Baylor for under grad and so did my brother and now Jonathan's sister lives there with her growing family.  Jonathan booked us a hotel for my birthday (back in October) and her and I are so excited to go.  Jonathan will be staying home with Milam and is as equally excited about his "boys only" days.  (Follow me at MrsEmilyPowell on insta to see some of our adventures in Waco and follow MrJonathanPowell on insta to see what the boys get themselves into!)

Georgia turned 5.5 on Thursday.  I'm not sure who told her about half birthdays but she's been really excited about it.  I need to post about her soon.  She also was moved up to silver power tumbling and silver gymnastics.  She had a fantastic thursday.  We let her pick dinner to celebrate.
This one, he's almost three months old.  I look back at pictures of him as a newborn and get so emotional.  I don't miss him as a newborn but it's such a big thing, adding a new member to the family.  Each new milestone is met with a lot of excitement and hopes that he'll become consistent somewhat soon.  Love his sweet face.  Falling in love with Milam and him joining our family was so much more seamless than with Georgia.  Everyone says going from one to two is the hardest leap (for us it was pretty easy).  In my experience going from zero to one was by far the hardest.  I just stare at his face (and insanely long eyelashes) and can't belive he's alllll mine!
And, he sleeps at restaurants.  That's a new thing for us as parents and we really like it.
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Joe and Britt Hensley said...

Obsessed with your daughter's Cat & Jack skirt!! Cute kiddos..& great find in the link-up


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