Milam - Three Months

November 22, 2016

(yes, those are pumpkin pie cookies!)

Oh my goodness my sweet miracle boy, you are three entire months now.  You are a quarter of a year.  Your dad, sister, and I are just crazy about you.

We call you brother, brother bear, baby brother, or bitty boy.  I mainly call you my bitty boy.

Your hair is still looking reddish - strawberry blonde and your eyes are still very much blue.

Like always, you still enjoy your bouncer, ceiling fan, and play mat.  You are talking up a storm (like all the time!) and constantly want your hands, or our hands, in your mouth.  You drool so much!  You are doing so much better in your car seat, which is really nice.  You've mastered tummy time and push up so hard that your entire tummy is off the ground like you are wanting to crawl.  It is insane.

You are very pleasant and never cry unless you are alone in your bed and don't want to be.  It's hard to even tell when you're sleepy.  You do what I call, "fuss talking" when you're tired but rarely do you full on cry.  You'll sleep out and about anywhere but I prefer you to sleep at home in your bed.  I'm a sleep nazi.  I know.  It's what I do.
You eat 3-6 oz each time you eat.  You've gotten better at eating but still aren't a crazed eater.  If you have any food in you then you are usually content.  Getting you to eat until you're full is pretty hard.  I'm excited to try solids at 4 months like we did with your sister and see how you feel about them.  She loved them from the start.  I can't believe it's almost that time.

You typically take 4 naps a day.  Usually, 45m, 45m, 3 hours, and 45m.  I'm working really hard to get you to 1 hour instead of 45 minutes and you've had some rough days last week but the past few days you've gotten to a full hour so I'm thinking it was a phase.  You like going to bed early so getting good naps in is important to get you to bed time.  You've been sleeping through the night for awhile but you don't always do it consistently.  A typical night for you is 8 or 9 hours but you have done up to 10.5 before.  Still working on night time sleep training as well.  You usually eat around 5 am and then go right back to sleep and start your day at 8:30 am.  At this age your sister was a way better sleeper and way more predictable than you but you're always happy so I can't complain too much.

Your sister has officially become your second favorite person.  I will say I think I'm still you're #1 but your dad and sister are close behind me.  You love making eye contact and will smile at anyone who looks at you and talks even if they're total strangers.  Eye contact is your jam.  You look at your sister and smile/laugh and seem to really enjoy her!  You seem so big and mature to me.

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Chelsea said...

He is so adorable:) I love it


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