Let's Catch Up

November 28, 2016

Here is a random mash up of what we've been doing since I left you last.

Jonathan took Georgia to see The Wizard of Oz at his school so we met up with him before to have dinner.  I said, "hey we're all dressed.  Take our picture!" So, J snapped these gems ;)
 Milam had some rough naps last week.  He would wake up.  We would try to cry it out some times it worked and some times it didn't.  I would feed him and then he would do this.  This nugget has softened me so much.  I still call myself "mean mom" because I run a tight ship but seriously...that FACE!
To try and get us out of our nap strike funk I took us outside to take some pictures.  It didn't work but I'm glad we did it :)
 I hate that some of these pictures have words on them via Insta Stories (MrsEmilyPowell - I post a lot but I like to think my husband enjoys them while he's at work.) but this one is so SO Georgia.  She is quite the individual.
 Those little baby legs.  My goodness!
 Milam will sleep on us anywhere and everywhere.  This is him during a big family after church lunch.  (Heart eyes for days)
 As a surprise for me, Jonathan booked a trip for Georgia and I to go to Waco.  Just the girls.  As much as I hate formula, and begrudgingly make Milam's bottles, it is moments like this with Georgia that I'm so grateful God has given me this time with her, that I will never get back, through a choice he made for me.
 I'll have more details about the trip later but I did snag a Magnolia mag and candle.
 I made two impulse purchases that were so worth it!  This hat and vest.  He is so stinking cute that I just can't stand it.  Ahh!
 Wednesday (thanksgiving eve) Georgia got sick and threw up twice.  Once and then again an hour later.  She insisted she was fine and that she didn't feel bad until she ate a peppermint patty after her mexican food dinner.  We didn't really trust her judgement so we made her sleep on our love seat in our bed room.  She was great the rest of the night.
 That same night was the first time in a LONG time that we decided to swaddle Milam for bed.  He's been a tummy sleeper mostly and was sleeping really well that way at night but then progressivly was getting worse because he would NOT stop rolling over (tummy to back) but then couldn't fall asleep on his back or roll back over.  So, we swaddled him and put him to bed.  I even slept in the play room thinking he would be up all night (while Jonathan was sleeping in our room with Georgia) because he never liked being swaddled before.  Well, that morning I woke HIM up after he had slept 12 straight hours.  We were so bummed when G got sick.  I was like, great.  Sleep training night is now accompanied by barf but we lucked out on both and it all went smoothly (praise hands!!!)
 The next day they watched the parade together and happily ;) posed for some photos together!
 On Friday Georgia and Jonathan went to my brother's deer lease and bitty boy and I stayed home.  He practiced sitting on his own (because he thinks he so so big) and dressing up like a cast member from "Grumpy Old Men"
 Not sure why they drove two hours to hunt when this was in our front yard...I took this from my front porch of our across the street neighbors.
They were only gone friday and came home on Saturday afternoon.  We started Christmas decorating before they left but we still aren't done.  I haven't gotten in the mood for Christmas decor yet.  Getting there.  Sunday was church as usual. And Then I was off to do more photo shoots.  I had two on saturday and two on sunday.  After the shoots Georgia and Jonathan ventured off to have their deer processed and when they got back her and I headed off to the mall.  The break gave us a lot of one on one time with our girl and we really enjoyed it.
Now we are getting back into the school routine!

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