A Really LONG Post

January 27, 2017

This post is so long and overly detailed.  At the end of every day I've been sitting down and taking the pictures off of my phone (mostly) and putting them here and writing about our day...so I can actually remember.  It takes 10-20 minutes a night but I've enjoyed it so far.

A WEEK in the life

Y'all.  This guy just cannot hang right now.  My sweet and content little bitty boy is so discontent and irritable.  I've made up my mind that it just has to be teething.  That's the only thing I can imagine would change his disposition so drastically.  I know it's a phase but I want my bitty boy back you guys!  He doesn't cry.  He actually rarely cries...but he yells at me...in my ear.  I look at him and tell him, "no! you're acting so ugly.  be a good boy!" and of course he smiles so big and scrunches up his little body and buries his face in my shoulder which is what he always does when he's just soooo excited.
Since our hens are free range their egg shells are harder.  Fun fact.  This one was especially hard and I just could not get it cracked.  I was ridiculous and this is what I ended up with.  We are doing a semi clean eating diet so I've been eating a lot of eggs which I'm not actually a huge fan of.  Another thing I'm not a huge fan of...cooking breakfast...or cooking lunch.
We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday.  Georgia and little Seth had such a great time.  They talked about dinosaurs and hushed their babies to sleep.  It was so sweet.  I met Megan our freshman year in college and we just happened to all end up living in her home town post college.
I like to call this section, "Thank you, Sister".  It seems pretty self explanatory.
Honestly y'all...space your kids apart.  It is obviously NOT what we planned but it has worked out so nicely.  The new has still not worn off of baby brother and he just ADORES his sister.  I can honestly say that I really do think Jonathan is in third place for Milam which is huge shift because he is Georgia's number one, two, and three...I'm probably a solid 10th place for her.  He pulls her hair, eats her face, and if he's fussy in the car she just sticks her finger in his mouth (human teether) and talks to him.  He thinks she's the best thing ever.  The picture above was Sunday morning and he was very much ready for his first nap of the day.  I was still getting ready so I told her to go lay next to him and keep him entertained.  Worked like a charm.

My poor sweet boy.  He's such a momma's boy.  He adores his dad and sister though.  Jonathan tried to make him laugh when it was already past his nap time but bitty boy just got scared.  Poor baby.  Lord, please let this sweet baby's teeth hurry up and pop through.  Look how cute he is though :)
This weekend we conquered Georgia's room.  The trim needs one more coat of paint and the cornice needs batting and fabric.  We went ahead and mounted the cornice as to properly measure the trim but it will be coming down for me to finish it soon.  I really want to go room by room and check these things off!  After G's room is finished we will be tackling Milam's trim and cornices as well.  Those two rooms are this close to being finished!
Then, the Lord heard my prayers...I'm fairly certain I'm feeling a little sand paper of a tooth edge on Milam's gums.  The bottom (my) right middle tooth. (1.23.17)
I've been getting after it when it comes to cleaning our house.  I cleaned out so much stuff from Georgia's playroom.  It was just time to let some of it go.  No more dress up clothes, fairies, palace pets, or my little pony.  Kind of sad but she hadn't played with that stuff in ages so out it went.  And, a big bag of "happy meal" toys for her sunday school treasure chest.
 Jonathan picked Georgia up from school early to take her to the dentist and I sent him this picture to show Georgia.  I told her I just found him up there reading all by himself ;)  He's been a great helper in cleaning out the playroom.
 During clean out I realized we have a lot of non parent purchased electronic pets.  Is this just a girl thing...I took the bird and hung it up in her little hide out.  She was pumped.  She knew I cleaned out her playroom but she didn't mind.  She kept telling me over and over that she LOVED it.  Win win. 
 I know it is kind of mean but I have Milam in his sister's pink walker.  I wasn't sure if he would like it or not so I just grabbed it out of the attic to try.  I'm taking this one to a resale shop and can hopefully snag a more gender neutral one.  He's been scooting backwards all over the house.
 I know...I know, she's five and it was her first time at the dentist.  Jonathan had an appointment at the same time as her so it was just the two of them (post school and pre gymnastics).  He said she negotiated with the hygienist and agreed to let her polish one tooth.  She knows our dentist very well (he is my sister in law's brother in law...so, he is married to my sister in law's sister, he lives on our street, goes to our church, and his daughter is in Georgia's sunday school class, she's swam in his pool and played at his house countless times, I think I first met him in 9th grade, and I was one of the "garden party" people in his wedding...) but she still wanted to sit in her dad's lap while he gave her teeth a look.  She came home with a big goody bag and feeling very proud.
I go in and check on Milam every night before I go to bed.  So glad I did this time.  His feet were propped up on the bumper pad.  Ha!  His tiny feet would have fallen asleep.  Dude was out though.
Speaking of being knocked out.  On Tuesday his naps were not as long as I would have liked but the kid fell asleep for two of his three naps before we ever got to his room.  He's typically easy to put down for naps anyhow (now) but if he's even close to nap time and on my chest, in his stroller or carseat then he's out.
 He was SO close to making it home.  I kept messing with him to keep him up but he just couldn't hang in there anymore.  In this sense he could not be more opposite of his sister.  Her little busy body would only sleep in her room.
THIS is part of the reason for the shorter naps but being ultra tired.  He pushes up SO BIG and even gets on all fours occasionally.  Makes him tired but he also wants to practice as soon as he wakes up where as he normally would drift off again for a longer nap.  Also, he LOVES playing with his feet.  So if he's in bed he roll onto his back just to play with them
I took him in the playroom the other day because he thinks it is just the best.  So much new and interesting stuff to look at.  This room actually gets really good light and I don't bother blocking it because most of the time nobody sleeps in there (We did sleep in there a lot when we did sleep training with Milam.  Having a guest bed is so nice when you have a new baby.  That way you and the hubs can switch off on being able to sleep through the night.  I have an extra sound machine, baby monitor, and iPhone charger in there.  That way, if for some reason Milam has a rare bad night I can go in there and not have to disturb Jonathan since he get's up around 5am for work.)  Anyhow, he loves the playroom and I took it as an opportunity to snag some pictures of his new tricks...sitting and playing with his feet.
 My feet you guys...
This kid came home on Tuesday telling me her front tooth was loose.  Seriously?!  What?!  Girl has some serious gaps going on but it is just so Georgia.  I know her adult teeth will close a lot of that in so I took her outside to snap some last pictures of those baby teeth.  She's already lost her bottom two.  Losing teeth is a big anxiety laden deal for her.  Once it gets loose I'm just counting down the days so I don't have to hear about it anymore.  I think in general Jonathan and I are pretty OK looking people so I'm not sure how in the world we broke the mold when we got her.  She's just gorgeous!  My favorite picture ironically was one where she wasn't even smiling with teeth.
 And...the soon to be gone baby teeth!
Jonathan worked late on Tuesday so I strapped Milam to my chest and we walked next to Georgia while she practiced on her scooter.
I've been so busy with house projects.  Painting window trim.  Painting ceiling fans.  Getting paint over-spray off of windows.  Just a ton of little things that I've needed to do for years but am finally getting around to doing.  All is adding up to making the house feel fresh and clean and slightly updated.  (Early spring cleaning since it is 80 degrees here in this great state?! Maybe.) I've even taken the magic eraser to the doors, trim, and walls because dozens and dozens of play dates add up to dirty little smudges all over the place.  None of this is super blog worthy because it is most likely stuff that you can't see a huge difference in with just a photo but I making slow progress...2017 just feels so awesome to me on so many levels. We have the baby we've prayed for for so long, I'm well rested and can focus on things other than trying to get pregnant or being pregnant.  It is so nice.
The weather has been so nice.  I love seeing these little footie PJ feet sticking out of the stroller. He pretty much lives in footies because he spits up on EVERYTHING! Wednesday's walk was good but it got cooler and our Thursday walk was a bit chilly!  I tried to bundle bitty boy up but it's Texas so I don't have a lot of practice in that area.
She's been super tired of her before school pictures.  We took one recently to send to Nanny and her pose and face just about killed me.  Five going on 15 for sure.
We've been reading so many books.  He has several Touchy Feely books by Usborne and on each page I take his hand and rub it on the "touch" section.  Now, when we're reading he grabs my hand or rubs the book page himself like he's trying to find the "touch" section whether or not it is a "touchy feely" book or not.  It is so funny.  He really enjoys them.
When we were waiting for Jonathan to get home we went to practice scooter-ing again.  Her three wheel scooter got bent under my car (not too bad) after we told her to put it away.  It didn't need to be thrown away but it was a life lesson kind of moment.  Anyhow, she had a two wheel scooter that she wouldn't ride so now she's been forced to learn.  She loves to ride it in a parking lot near our house.
Happy Friday everyone!  I hope y'all have a lovely day :)


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Doesn't it feel so good to purge stuff?! My girls also always say they love their room and playroom when I purge it and get rid of a ton of stuff. I definitely think they thrive on simplicity!

Callie said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of Milam standing in front of you - he is so TALL!! I don't even think Clarice reaches that high in front of me yet, and she's 17 months old!


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