Milam - Five Months

January 22, 2017

Milam is now FIVE months old.  Nearly half a year.

At 4 months we bumped him up the size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.  He's a chunk and that is just the way the babies in my family are made.

He sleeps 12-13 hours in one stretch at night.  He's still on three naps a day (pretty sure G was on two at this point).  Ideally it is a 2 hour nap and then 2 one hour naps but it is usually 1.45 minutes, an hour, and then 45 minutes.  His teething has him a bit out of sorts on his naps but he still gets plenty of sleep during the day it is just trying to stretch them out enough to make it to an acceptable bedtime.  He usually can stay up 1 hr and 45 min to 2 hours between naps.  He typically runs 7:30-7:30.
He spits up SO MUCH!  I've tried to push it under the rug and not think anything of it (lie to myself: my let down is too fast, he doesn't like this formula, we didn't leave him in his bouncer long enough) but it has moved into the "projectile" range so I'm thinking it may be more than just spit up.  Georgia was on acid reflux meds from 5 months to 18 months.  A LONG TIME!  Sorry kids, y'all get that from me.
He really started actually jumping in his jumper last month.  Prefers to chew on something cloth. So much drool for about two months, which I've read can be from teething but it can also just be because they don't really know how to swallow all of that yet.  Either or.  He's fascinated by watching your mouth chew.  (I feel like last month's post was lacking because of the he's been doing some of this awhile...but I didn't have enough forward thought to write it all down).  He still loves lots and lots of eye contact.  He notices when I leave the room.  He likes to be in on all the action.  Has become less content with one thing now.  Like, he wants to be moved from place to place more frequently.  I think he's just teething but I for sure find myself entertaining him more than I used to.  He slowly and deliberately grabs items with his chubby little hands...and goes straight to his mouth with them.  Follows Georgia and her friends around the house with his eyes and squeals when he sees them.  He's found his feet and is starting to grab them and play with them.
He isn't the best eater yet.  Puff and yogurt melts gag him but he likes the way they taste.  He downs his baby food.  He's had banana and avocado and I've made apples, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are the most recent and are for sure his favorite.

My kids are so funny and so intense.  They are alike just as much as they are different.  Alike in the sense that their bodies want them to be a certain size.  Georgia fought tooth and nail to get there.  She was hungry all the time.  Milam, in a way that his body could some how metabolize a 2oz bottle into fat rolls.  I would say it took him until 3.5-4 months to actually eat until he was full.  Even though Milam started out a pound and two ounces bigger than Georgia and a 1/4 inch longer by the time they were four months old they were nearly the exact same size.  That is so funny to me.  He smiled and rolled tummy to back first.  She rolled back to tummy before him.  Tit for tat ;) Milam is currently DOWNING his bottles again. (He was up to a crazy amount of oz but now he's back at 4-6 oz per bottle which I feel is more normal) It is times like this I SO wish I could have nursed him.  The amount of money we could have saved KILLS me.  Although not taking him to the doctor for a bleeding mouth is worth so much more...but still.
Monthly comparison
Georgia and Milam comparison


Meghan said...

I love these monthly pics. MIlam looks so much like his big sister in the comparison! Cuties.

Lyndsey said...

Ok, Meghan's comment made me giggle because I was just going to say that besides their chins, I don't think they look that alike! Sorry to hear about all the spit-up, we know it well over here!

Callie said...

He is such a cutie! I love the way you are doing your monthly pictures!

LaNeshe M.W. said...

I love how you do the monthly pictures!


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