Week in the Life II - Big Camera & Twirls

February 3, 2017

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This time of year the number of photo shoots I have goes down so I've been breaking out my big camera to take pictures of my two favorites...well, mainly my big this week.  This week wasn't all favorites but mostly.

Friday was kind of doomed from the start.  I forgot I was taking Georgia to school that morning (my mom and step dad normally take her).  So, Georgia was almost late to school because we left late and then had to turn around because I left the oven on.  Milam woke up too early that morning as well and continued to take bad naps the rest of the day.  It ended up not being so bad.  I did recover but I had to pick her up from school (again, my mom usually picks her up) which can be tricky with Milam's naps.  Because Jonathan had to work late that day I went to my mom's for a quick dinner (she lives in our neighborhood) and then had both kids in bed early to enjoy a night by myself to decompress from the rush of the day.

This little guy is eating us out of house and home and YELLS when someone is eating and dare not share with him.  He's only five months old.  He's crazy about his food but look at that adorable avocado covered face!  And, can we just note how his ears poke out just a tad at the top?  It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Georgia wanted to get dressed early.  Like always.  So she got up and got dressed and then started working on her book making...like always.  Then we went to have lunch with Jonathan's parents and I had a photo shoot down town that was just incredible.  It was also movie night since we skipped it on Friday because I was SOOOOO done for the day.
I gave her this old necklace I found in my closet.  She loves it but of course has already broken it.  Good thing I never wore it anymore because I think the rest of it is now lost.
The chickens are too scared of her to not let her pick them up.
We went to church as usual then had lunch and then Jonathan and I finally sat down and did some planning when it comes to our schedules, home reno, school activities and such.  Felt good to get it all done.  After church Georgia went with my mom and step dad into Houston to visit with some family.  It was a nice break and Jonathan enjoyed the one on one time with Milam that I get all the time.

Monday was a good day.  Milam is still waking up early in the morning, talking to himself and then falling back to sleep.  I suspect he's in there playing with his feet and trying to crawl.  He wants to crawl SO badly and he's not even 5.5 months old.  Monday is also gymnastics day. I load everyone up and go to gymnastics and Jonathan comes and picks Milam up on his way home from work.  Georgia is in two back to back classes so having to sit with Milam for two hours is a bit much.
Georgia was so excited about 100s day at school.  She's been learning SO much as school this week.  I am just blown away!  I showed her several options on Pinterest and she picked one hundred rainbow buttons so I spent about an hour hot gluing this shirt.  I was happy with how it turned out.  She picked the skirt...because, duh. And, I might add...why is January the LONGEST month EVVVVER!
I needed to vacuum and little here is so scared of the vacuum so I strapped him on me and got to work.  He did great this way!
Later that day, Georgia's teacher texted me a couple of pictures from their little fashion show.  So cute and I'm so glad the teacher doesn't mind me having her cell phone number :)
Milam is transitioning from 3 naps a day down to 2 and it is a little all over the place as to whether or not he'll be able to make it to bed time.  This day he just couldn't make it so I let him sleep for about 20 minutes on my chest.  This is his happy place.  He was out a few seconds after I snapped this. 
Now it is finally February!  Yay!  Every year I am so over January.
With so much political drama on FB and insta (which I only occasionally get involved in) I've turned to some cabin loving insta accounts to calm my nerves and distract me from all the chaos.  Y'all should try it.  I love these accounts. #ImSoOld
Milam and I have been spending a lot of time outside in an attempt to stretch his wake times...he gets so bored with just me.
And, Georgia went to church with nana and pawpaw (my mom and stepdad) to eat dinner and go to Bible study.  She really enjoys her time with them.

Over all was a great day with really good naps.  My step dad came over to bring some ice cream and ended up staying for two hours and Milam fell asleep in my arms while we were talking.  Georgia also got a new twirl dress from HERE in the mail and just had to put it on right then.  I'll probably be buying her more because she loves them and they are a steal!
I was trying to give him an incentive to move his arms while he's trying to crawl.  That's the only part he doesn't have.  Instead he just falls on his chest and grabs what ever it is that he wants.
J got home rather late because of a wreck he was behind so I loaded up the kids and headed to CFA to grab a quick dinner and then headed to my mom's so I could have spare hands to eat my food.  Jonathan met us there so we hung out for a bit, helped Milam stay up a bit longer, and then headed home.

Today is FRIDAY so that means
I'll share more on what we're doing tonight on Insta (MrsEmilyPowell)  So fun!


Lyndsey said...

Totally random, but my friend just had a new baby and I gave her a set of the cat & jack footies because we are on our THIRD set. They are just the best. I love that M and E both live in them, although I'm pretty sure M wears a bigger size, ha! I wish they made them all the way up to 24 months!

G looks so cute in her twirl dress, and you're right, they are such a steal. We are up to three and I want more!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I need to check out those dresses! Callyn, who has never wanted to wear a dress a day in her life and only wears them on Sunday when I make her, has picked out a dress to wear every single day this week...I'm shocked and need to buy her some more!

Tami said...

I adore the pictures with the chickens!! I'm heading to check out those dresses now!


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