Week in the Life III - All The Love

February 10, 2017

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I've started a new tradition that I stole from someone else (if it was you please leave a comment because I can't remember who I'm stealing it from!) of having a fun little night on the first Friday of every month.  Georgia is very serious about her Friday movie nights with us (that we started when Milam was born) so now I just add in a few extra fun things on the first Friday of the month.  This past Friday was the first Friday of the month and it was a good one.

When Milam got up we headed to Montgomery Bakehouse, our favorite local bakery and picked up some goodies for the night.  I wanted to make sure I snagged some good stuff before they sold out of my favorites.

I've been trying to get Milam to stay up right in his bouncer to let his food digest since he spits up so much (and now that I think about it he's been occasionally coughing in bed...I wonder if he has reflux?) and found him like this...guess I should strap him in from now on.
 Nope, he can't crawl yet but he was trying SO hard to get to the back door today.  Not happening bitty boy. (I edit and add words on SnapSeed on my phone when I'm going to be using Insta Stories, which is where I posted these - MrsEmilyPowell)  Please don't judge me by my Insta Story typos.  I never catch them until it's too late #momlife
I bought three cookies and three macaroons so we could each have one.  Georgia LOVED hers.
I finished decorating for Valentine's day a few days before I took these but it was super cloudy outside so I couldn't get any good pictures.  Even with full sun outside it is still super hard to get good indoor images in our house.
I literally just threw everything up within a few minutes but I still like it.  The entry way needs some work and the shelves were just an after thought.  I really like the mantle area though.

I put Milam down for a nap after school pick up and Georgia and I melted some chocolate chips to dip the cookies we already had in.  It was a quick fun cooking project and she enjoyed it.
Once he got up we ventured outside to soak up a little vitamin D, which I've heard can prevent the flu before we got too cold and came in.  We're weak here in Texas.
After baths and putting Milam in bed I divided out our treats, bought Trolls on Amazon, and we settled in for family movie night.  It was a really cute movie.
Saturday, I had a bridal shoot that went really well and when I got home Megan and Paul came over for dinner.  Seth and Georgia get along really well and this was Seth when we asked him to tell Georgia bye.  PS - G is about to take a bath hence the weird hairspray hair.
Sunday, I skipped church but J and G went.  I dare not type this out but none of us has been sick the winter season and I know SO many people who are sick to M and I just stayed home.  I really don't want to chance it.  G was born in May so she was older/bigger when she went into the winter than M is.

After they got home Georgia went down the street to play and then her and her friend came back over here to play some more.  They played the entire afternoon and evening.  It was so nice but my goodness she's getting big!
That evening we watched the Super Bowl with mom and step dad and of course had football cupcakes.  My husband played football in high school, had a offer to play college football that he turned down, and even coached football (begrudgingly) for a few years, and honestly he is just not that into sports on TV.  So luckily, sports are something we don't have on very often ;)
Monday was a busy day.  Milam was unhappy and irritable which isn't his normal style.  It is also gymnastics day.  After we had dinner and got M to bed I sent Jonathan and Georgia to Chiller Bee. Jonathan picks up M from gym and makes dinner and said M was pretty bad so I decided to let J and G have some quality time since I get to watch her for two hours at gym.  And her in her new star wars pants just because.
Tuesday we spent a lot of time outside and running errands.  We also had my mom, dad, and step dad over for dinner.  We see them a lot.
Milam is so enjoying his baby food.  We are making it ourselves and he literally cannot get enough.  He's sitting in my lap as I type this and talking to this picture of himself :)
On Wednesday Milam was up early so we went on a walk.  He took bad naps even with Tylenol and crying it out so we spent a lot of time in the back yard and a lot of time in the stroller.
Thursday was a good day and we still spent a lot of time outside.  We've taken walks every day this week because the weather has been so mild.
I snapped this picture while Georgia was waiting on my step dad to come get her and take her to school
Then, I snapped this of Milam because he is getting so big.  The days of leaving him on a blanket on the floor are almost over.  He doesn't stay put anymore.
 To kill time at the end of the day I took Georgia outside to ride her scooter.  She loves that thing.
 Then she was exploring and looked over at me and said, "I'm! So! Brave!"
 One of her favorite things to do is get Jonathan's junk bin and some tools and build things.  Keeps her occupied for a long while!
We started off our day bundled up and ended it almost hot.  TX weather is so strange.
 Hat hair
 Georgia's super healthy super lovey after school snack...
 Some of just Milam and I...
Annnnd...with that...we are onto another Friday!  Happy weekend everyone!


Meghan said...

Your black and white photographs are stunning. Love all of this! And now I want to go eat some sweets. :)

LaNeshe M.W. said...

Your Valentine's decor is so cute.


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