A Weekend And Randoms

March 6, 2017

I took Milam to the park for the first time.  We don't live in a neighborhood that has one so we have to drive to the park.  Anyhow, it was M's first time.  He had a great time.  It didn't have mulch so he really enjoyed crawling around on the rubber flooring.  He thinks he's so big now!
I leave him on his tummy and he's in her American Girl dolls.  He's sitting up.  He's in the grass (dirt under his finger nails and all.)  It is insane.  This is happening way too fast...for me!  I am thankful though that he has a late August birthday.  I'll be holding onto his baby-ness for an extra year when he gets to be school aged.  I'm 98% sure we'll be holding him out of kinder for an extra year (although I'm sure he'll be socially/mentally ready) since the cut off is September 1st here in Texas and boys usually mature slower than girls. Jonathan's birthday is the day before Milam's and his parents held him back just because they wanted to and his mom said she loved the extra year with him.  So keep on growing and learning baby boy...but I'm still keeping you an extra year! (Just seems sad to me to make Milam sit in a desk for an extended period when he would have turned 5 the week school started.  Too little for me.)
I love that his face is in the shadow but his eyelashes aren't. They're so dang long!
Later on Friday my mom came to watch Milam so Jonathan and I could go to Georgia's awards ceremony.  She got the kindness award.  Each teacher had to select one student that represented kindness and G was picked from her class.  So proud of her.  Seriously.  Her being an avid reader and counter, doing great in math, making books all day long...that is just the icing on the cake to knowing that she has the most kind little heart in her class.  Makes me feel like we're doing something right with her.
We went out to dinner and Milam was a total handful.  He wants to be full on entertained the second half of the day or have human contact 100% of the time.  Singing = happy.  Taking a five second break to pee = unhappy.  I know it will pass.  Sitting and crawling helped A LOT but now he wants to perfect his crawling skills and feed himself at meal times.  I cannot keep up with his milestones.  AT ALL!
Then we did Fun Friday (because it was the first friday of the month).  I did a St. Patrick's day theme and we watched, "Sing".    Such a cute movie.  Georgia loved it.
I had an early morning photo shoot and my second shoot of the day was rescheduled because of weather.  Jonathan took the kids to the grocery store and our nephew's basketball game while I finished some things at home.  We met up at Subway.  Super exciting times.  The boys then came home and napped and Georgia and I went and shopped.  We came home to a yummy home cooked dinner and put the kids in bed early.
We went to church and I had another shoot rescheduled because of the weather.  I went to Starbucks to get some work done.  Jonathan stayed home and made baby food.  Yes, he's the best husband EVER.  I know.  I've really been trying to have productive and relaxing weekends so my week can get started off right.  And, let's note that my mom bought me new shoes because she's cooler than me.
I was throwing away a lot of nail polish because it was old and wouldn't dry any more.  Jonathan gave it to Georgia and let her paint with it in the garage.  So fun.
We ended the day at my mom and step dad's for dinner.  It was yummy.

Happy Monday everyone
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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

That makes me so happy about G's kindness award!! You guys must be so proud!! (And you should definitely be proud of yourself too...kind kids come from kind parents!)
I wish all parks had that rubber flooring...I'm hoping it's trending in that direction. I have gotten stabbed in the foot so many times by a wood chip going through my shoe!


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