March 27, 2017

So guys! I am super busy over here.  I did SO MANY shoots this weekend and this weekend coming up is going to be busy as well.  Putting the blog on mute for a week or so to focus on my work flow!

Vampire Diaries - Sweet tea - Chocolate - and buried in photos (3,566 to be exact!) AHH!

Sunday was Western Day at church and like Georgia and I need any more excuses to wear our boots. (Macie Bean boots)
 As a gift for my Mother In Law I put Georgia and Milam in Jonathan and his sister's outfits in the bluebonnets (Texas state flower) and am going to get a canvas printed for her for mother's day.  I'm nailing it you guys! AND if any Crosby people show her this picture I will be after YOU!
See you on the flip side you guys!

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Laura Darling said...

Those bluebonnet pictures are great!


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