Up To - The Time I Had SO MANY Shoots Edition

April 10, 2017

Oh goodness...where did I even leave off?!
 Well, I had 15 photo shoots in a two week span AND not only did I have to have the time to shoot them I had to find the time to edit them.  Pictured above is one of my favorite sweet families.  I was doing pictures of their brothers so they styled my hair.  Their mom kept apologizing and I was cracking up.  Honestly, once you have a kid do you even notice stuff like this anymore.

I'll let most of the other photos just speak for themselves as much as possible since I need to get on with my life today.
Went to dinner with my dad and then he texted me all of these.
How he tries to stand straight up
Trying to keep him up before it was time for nap...didn't work.

Georgia was on the morning announcements.
She's lost a total of five now.
Found this in the trash at one of our neighbors! Score!
Milam made he photo wall
My mom keeps buying me new shoes
Lots of walks...
This one has three teeth now.
Photo shoot set up in my back yard.
Fun Friday treats!
Mid bubble bite!
Happy Monday


Lyndsey said...

The photo of Milam in his Waco shirt and shorts, he looks like a legit TODDLER. Not cool, M!!!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I can't believe how fast her teeth are coming out!!!

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

That's a big spaghetti mess!! And I love the Fun Friday treats! Is it just me, or does soda taste so much better when it comes in a glass bottle?


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