A Week in ABCs

May 5, 2017

My week in ABC form...got almost all the letters
(and, I apologize for any strange formating.  Blogger has a horrible formating system and it is always messing up when I type.)

I got this idea because Georgia has a letter of the day the rest of the school year.  So today is "H" for hat day.  They have something like that the rest of the year.  It has been fun so far.

Angry chicken
Maddie the chicken who was trying to save the chicken coop from a snake last week, more on that later, will still not leave the coop.  She gets so mad at me when I make her leave.

Backpack helper
I've started carrying Milam on my back when I do things outside around the yard.  Check for eggs, feed the chickens, take out the trash, get the mail.  I just wait and do all the outside stuff at once so he can enjoy the ride.

I try and get pictures of them every Sunday before church.  Getting a real smile from her is work!

Georgia's little friend, who lives down the street, has come home with us the past two sundays to play.  They get a long really well.

Eye Doctor
I'm allergic to silicon apparently and developed a rash on the underside of my eyelid.  I switch to daily ones for a bit but the best they can get my RX on those is 20/40 because of the type of astigmatism that I have.  It doesn't leave me with a lot of options.  Trying a new monthly now with some eye drops and waiting to see what happens.

Farm Fresh Eggs
We have still been getting a lot of eggs besides the snake that was with us for about 2 days.  Eww.

Since getting over the flu and getting back into her routine AND putting huge restrictions on her electronics access she has seriously turned over a new leaf.  Thank goodness.

Honest Company delivery
Nothing like a giant box to keep two kids entertained for a good hour.

Ice Cream Truck
The ice cream truck passed us on a walk and Georgia excitedly got a treat for after dinner.

I've been so irritated with Maddie the past few days because I thought she was being broody. She wouldn't leave the coop or the eggs. I would reach in and shove her off. Today I found a crushed egg and the fake egg was missing. Thought she had broken them/lost them in her attempt to corral the eggs (they do that some time). I told this to Jonathan and he said there was probably a snake. He was right. I had looked but not with a flash light. Jonathan is 5' 10 for comparison. You can see it ate the fake egg so it would have died eventually. He cut it open and got the fake egg back. I use snake repellent and have a snake trap set but I guess those don't work very well. Also our outdoor cat is useless apparently. It's a non venomous king snake or rat snake.  Thanks, JONATHAN!

Kitchen sink bath
Because he was too messy to make it to the bathroom

He's so easy to get to laugh these days and the three of us are just eating it UP!

May the 4th
Obviously!  The socks.

He gets these little beads of sweat and they are so cute.

Just because they're cute!

Pumpkin Plant
I put our pumpkins in the compost and forgot them.  Now we have a giant pumpkin plant.  I knew this could happen but I really did forget them.  I have done this before but on the ground and they've always been mowed over and never made it.  We'll see what happens.

My retainer popped off a few days ago and my sister in law watched Milam for a quick bit while I had it put back on.  The office is literally at the end of our street so it didn't take too long.

Sleepy head
His naps have been a little interrupted this week with appointments and school.  He's hard to wake up!

She's been really working hard on her gymnastics skills and she's making progress.  She is very proud of herself!

I saw him staring up at the sky and I looked over to see big black storm clouds floating in.  He was impressed.

Whole Foods
A stop at Whole Foods for dessert after dinner on the water

Young love
She pretty much told me he always asks her to play but she hasn't played with him yet.  He is really nice and she wants to get to know him better because she likes him.  I stayed calm and told her that sounded nice and he sounds like a good FRIEND. (His name is Izaak)

Happy Friday!

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