Week In Review - Busy Busy Busy Edition

May 12, 2017

Cinco de Mayo is just a fun excuse for us to eat more Mexican food than we already do.  Georgia's outfit cracks me up.  It was hat day and PE day in addition to Cinco so she has quite the combo going on.
We enjoyed some yummy food with my mom, stepdad, and grandmother on the patio at a local Mexican place with music in the background.
I had two photo shoots and we had friends over for dinner.  Obviously I didn't take any pictures on this day that I wasn't paid to take.  

Sunday is for church and usually matching.  I just can't help it.  I can't believe God has graced me with these two sweet little faces.
 I needed to water the flower beds so I set out the water toys for the kids.  We have a sprinkler system BUT the only broken section (roots grew threw the pipes) is the part that waters the flower beds.
 Jonathan dressed Milam in a 3t swim shirt.  Nice.  This little boy will FIGHT you for food!
Monday is gymnastics night.  ALSO it was supposed to be GNO for me but we scheduled a contractor to come out so I skipped so I could talk to him. It is the sixth one we've called and the third that's come out.  The first two never followed up to give us quotes and this third doesn't do all the work we're wanting.  (Sunday number 7 is coming out and we have an eighth to call as well)  Ugh.  I  just want to get our kitchen finished.  I didn't imagine it would be so hard!  We're finding that since it is a small job nobody is wanting to commit right now.

Milam got a 5th tooth and was a bit cranky...
I got my mother's day gift a little early.  A new bed.  We got a new mattress a year or so ago but I've wanted a new bed for years but once you buy a fixer, the master bedroom becomes the last on the list.  I'm trying to be intentional now in getting our rooms actually done.  Part of the reason we don't get a lot done is that I work a lot of the weekend (two shoots last Saturday and two this Saturday) and we've been working on our yard...and it's an acre so that is a lot of space to cover.  We'll get there!
Brother feeling like his more usual chipper self.
We were supposed to go to church but Jonathan wasn't super happy, Milam and Georgia were acting all out of sorts, so we went to my Mom's for dinner and then home for bed.
When I opened the door for Georgia to leave for school there were three deer in our front yard.  This was then running away from us as we walked down the sidewalk
I spent a lot of my day organizing Georgia's bedroom...(she has a lot of jewelry and I burn a lot of candles)
and trying to vacuum.  Milam went crazy so that got cut short.  He was a little monkey baby on me for a good 10 minutes after me trying to vacuum.  Never seen him so terrified.  It was the saddest thing.  Glad momma can still make it all better.
It was Spirit night for Georgia's school at McDonalds.  At one point we couldn't find Georgia's hamburger and Milam had stolen it and had eaten 2/3 of the bun on one side all by himself.  We cracked up.  I've never seen a kid who loves to eat more than he does.  I'm pretty sure he would eat forever.  Which is so funny because he was for sure a non food crazed newborn.  They change so much.
These last few weeks are busy at Jonathan's school and Georgia's school and I have a surprisingly large amount of photo shoots that are not typical for me in the spring/summer months.  I'm thankful for the photo shoots and my booming business but I just wish Jonathan wasn't so busy.  Now that Jonathan is ASSOCIATE principal verses ASSISTANT principal (I know, confusing) he only gets one week off in the summer plus every friday...and 10 extra flex days to use whenever he wants in addition to his normal vacation as opposed to the month he got off before.

Tonight Jonathan is off to prom and I'm holding it down with the two babes.
Happy Friday

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