Georgia is SIX

May 17, 2017

Georgia Emiline! You are SIX today!  I cannot believe it!
I so love the person you are growing into and can in no way write enough to be able to fully describe how wonderful (and trying at times) you are!
46 in - 66%
48.8 lbs - 70.5%

You've blown through all of your kinder sight word list as well as the first grade list.  I don't think your colors were on either of those lists but you know those as well...and other various people's names.

You received the kindness award.

You are in the silver level in gymnastics and power tumbling.

Milam, school, gymnastics, your dad, reading, writing and drawing in books that you make, riding your scooter, family and cousins, vacations, cats, jewelry, cartwheels, donuts, mint ice cream
You are very sweet and kind hearted and can be very sensitive.  You are super energetic and are bouncing off of the walls more often than not.  You're super likely to be-friend the new kid in class.  You have a lot of big emotions.  If you're happy then you can't contain it.  If you're sad then you are wailing uncontrollably.  If you're anxious then you can't stop biting your nails.  You require a lot of encouragement and are prone to quitting without it.  You are not competitive and don't respond well to being pushed.  You are super silly and giddy and every bit a little girl.  You love playing with stuffed animals and building things outside when you're not making your own books.  You are super interested in bugs and dinosaurs and reptiles.  You build things up in your mind to be so big that almost no event can live up to what you think. You're such a unique little thing and I love every little bit. 
You took on the new roles of school and big sister like a champ and literally never missed a beat.  Your teachers love you and your little brother adores you.  You are the best big sister and such a big help to me.
Mom, I need you to recharge my pencils.  They're too downloaded...
Mom, I need to ask you something serious. What if my front teeth never grow back in?! 
Dad, are you sure you want to wear that? 
Sight word practice 

Here are her sentences.

AM - I AM not doing sight words
AS - Am I doing sight words? AS usual, no!
CAN - CAN I do sight words? No!
THEN - THEN sight words covered the earth in ash and darkness.

Mom, do you ever feel like a plastic bag.

Billie Jean comes on the radio...

Me: Georgia, this is one of Uncle Austin's favorite songs.
Georgia: Tell Uncle Austin this is my JAM!

Georgia hopped in the car after school and saw that Nana and PawPaw were there and said, "Goody! Which one of you has money?" 
I love you so much Georgia.  What a sweet gift you are.

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