Mother's Day Weekend 2017

May 16, 2017

I cannot believe that I have two precious reasons to celebrate Mother's Day this year.  So much fun.  My big gift was a new bed and I don't actually have a picture of it just yet.  I posted a quick shot on Insta Stories (MrsEmilyPowell) but I can't find that pic now.  I must have deleted it before my phone synced to my computer.
On Friday Jonathan had to work prom and Georgia knows I get so tired when Jonathan works late.  After I put down Milam and walked into our room to see that Georgia had set up dessert for us.  It was mint chocolate chip ice cream (her fav) which I cannot stand but I chocked down some anyway.  It was just too sweet.  She really does have such a kind heart. Awesome night gown via her MeMe ;)
I was showered with plenty of homemade gifts in addition to the new bed.  Georgia used my real name in this card and drew us as spiders.
On Mother's Day we went to my brother's house to celebrate Mother's Day but also my grandmother's up coming 93rd birthday.  Milam is the only grandbaby missing from the photo...and he ate two ribs all by himself.
 I also gave him a small piece of birthday cake and let him eat it...because why not?!
Best comb over ever
And he was clearly in heaven.

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