Milam - 9 Months

May 22, 2017

Oh my sweet happy boy.  I don't even know where to start.  You're just my favorite little person.
Temperament: You've always been a pretty easy baby.  Most people comment on how easy and content/happy you are.  You fell asleep on a volunteer in the church nursery and I wasn't quite sure he was going to give you back ;)  You'll always nap on the go, you're happy to be in your stroller or high chair, you like being on the go, and you like being outside.  You absolutely LOVE your sister and just light up whenever you see her.

You recently switched to one nap a day.  You are sleeping about 11-13 hours a night (7:30-8:30) and taking a 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day (12:30-3:30).  Now that I've typed that woke up at 5:43 this AM and WILL NOT go back to sleep.  Seriously, kid!

Size 4 diaper, 4 shoe, 12-18 month clothes
23 lbs - 93%
29.5 inches - 91%

You never stop eating.  You love food.  You are a bottom-less pit.

Your day:
8:30 - Bottle
9:30 - Breakfast
11:00 - light lunch
12:30 - bottle and nap
3:30 - Bottle
5:30 - Dinner
7:00 - Bath then bottle
7:30 - Asleep
You love to shake your head no and dance when we say, "dance" or "jump".  You can kind of say bye and hi and you wave your entire arm like crazy.  You say N, D, M, and B sounds...kind of like you say Nana and bye but I'm not sure you know what they mean.  You also say "dada" and "momma" but I'm not sure if you connect a meaning to them.  You are REALLY working on avocado which is hysterical but true.  You've said, "Georgia" once and try a lot.  You like to hug and kiss your sister and play with cars.  You loves wheels.  You yell all the time just to hear yourself and are so loud.  You blow raspberries and make all sorts of noises.  Crawl REALLY fast.  Try to walk.  You are up to about 10 steps at a time on your best attempt.  You're not a walker just yet but are walking.

This is pretty much the same thing your sister was doing at this age.  It is amazing to me how similar y'all are with your milestones.  It is crazy.

You get the most comments about your hair.
"Oh, my goodness! He has the best hair!"
"I love his color! It is perfect!"
Your hair has been called strawberry blonde, cherry blonde, golden, penny colored.
Everyone also loves how thick it is and the way that I always comb it over.
People often comment about your eye color as well and just love your big blue eyes.
Sweet Milam, you are my whole heart.  I love you so much.

This month's theme is brought to you by SUMMER!  Swimsuits and beach towels.  YES and YES!

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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Oh my goodness, what a big boy! He is almost the same size as my 2 1/2 year olds haha!
I seriously cannot believe he is 9 months already....his life is flying!


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