Rain...no rain?

May 23, 2017

Georgia had her birthday party on Friday.  It was so great because then we had the rest of the weekend free and were not tied down to a party taking up all of Saturday.  I posted about it in the post two before this one.
 Jonathan's sister and brother and law came in from Waco to celebrate with us.  They call AnnaGrace their "bonus blessing".  Isn't she beautiful!?  AnnaGrace and Milam are 3 months apart.
I originally had two photo shoots but they were rescheduled due to bad weather...that never came.  I ended up running errands most of the day and doing random house things.  Meanwhile our neighbor texted to see if Georgia wanted to go swim with her daughter, Lila Ann.  YES PLEASE!  They swam for three hours and then came back to our house and played until almost 7pm.
Let's see if you follow.  My sister in law Ashley, her sister, Alli, lives on our street.  So Lila Ann and Georgia are not cousins BUT share a cousin, my niece, Molly Kathryn.  The mom, Alli (my sister in law's sister), I was in her wedding when I was in college.  It's so fun to live two houses down from such old friends.
Saturday before the swimming adventures we managed a grocery run.  That sweet little boy of mine is such a good sport when it comes to his sister.  He loves her BIG!
We went to church like normal and I managed one photo shoot with a little bit of rain.  We worked on the yard the rest of the day.  We have an acre, which isn't huge by any means, but it does take a good amount of time for up keep since I don't want to pay a law service to care for that much square footage.

That was our weekend...inching our way to summer!


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

That's fun you guys have such good friends in the neighborhood! I wish we had friends or cousins right by us. We have a bunch of families in our church who are related, or like you explained, certain kids share a cousin but are not cousins themselves. I always have to stop and think about which kids are cousins because it's quite a few families-it's kind of funny but also confusing!

Callie said...

Georgia's party looks so fun and cute! I'm supposed to take pictures for a friend this week, but I'm worried we'll be getting rained out. ;-)


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