Summer at it's Finest

June 30, 2017

We are really enjoying a laid back summer life right now.  We had two back to back trips, Waco and Hot Springs, and are now really settling into the summer atmosphere before a lake trip and possible beach trip.

Playing in Nana's cabinets, Minion watching Minions, summer selfies, celebrating little holidays like sunglasses day and pineapple day, and grocery store runs with mom that are few and far between!
We've also been hitting up some great local spots
McDade Park
I shoot at this park a lot and we've been down to the river area once so I decided to take the kids down.
The newest snowcone place in town.
Conroe's newest restaurant and bakery.  Absolutely adorable and done so super yummy.
We had one last contractor over to look at our kitchen and DING DING DING we have a winner.  Finally.  We should have a new kitchen by the last week in July!  YAY.  Plus, they brought Georgia and I some plants.  Win win. (One of the APs that works with Jonathan, her husband is doing the work.)
We have had spots of big clouds blowing across the sky occasionally and we take the opportunity to go to the park when we see them coming.  It was still about 95 but we made due.  Milam and Georgia both love the park and Milam gets SO BORED at home.

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