The Fourth of July 2017 {And, beyond}

July 8, 2017

We are seriously having such a great summer.  We have a lake trip coming up at the end of the month as well as a kitchen remodel.  We tried so SO hard to make a beach trip work but the three families involved just could not get any dates that worked which I was/am super bummed about!  It would have been Milam's first year to go on the annual family trip and we can't do it! Ahh! Hopefully we can work in a day trip to Galveston to get his little toes in the sand.

Jonathan had off Thursday-Wednesday.  Actually, he got sick Tuesday night so he took off Wednesday but by the time he woke up he felt better so we had him all to ourselves again.

Poor little guy is just so bumped and bruised.  He fell out our front door and down several small steps.  It was kind of bad.  He woke up so grumpy the next morning I think he may have even had a concussion.  Ahh.  A 10 month old walker is a disaster.
Hanging out...
More snow cones...
Jonathan took Milam to his parent's house with him the other day so he could finish his mom's honey do list while his dad is out of commission and Georgia and I enjoyed doing a lot of things that we can't do while, "our little puppy" is home.  That's what we call Milam because he eats everything and carries around toys and other objects in his mouth.
My little old Italian man
Cozy coupe make over.  Once pink and now ready for bitty boy!
We've been enjoying the park in the morning when it isn't one million degrees
We hit up Flour-ish in downtown Conroe again and it was even more delicious the second time around.
I could literally burst with how cute he is with his tiny little mouth full of cookie and smeared all over his face.
I feel so reconnected to her now.  Kinder and newborn made me miss her little self so badly.
I needed a picture of us wearing blue to support some family friends on facebook.  I got a good one and then J grabbed the camera and got a few sweet ones of M and I that I will love forever.
We took G to practice swimming at my brother's a few times and it's so fun now that she can play games and dive for rings.
We had a really great FOURTH.  I've claimed it as one of my favorite holidays.  Food, family, fireworks, and parades.  What's not to love?!

I went through a rut where I was really frustrated with our house.  Progress is slow and also highlights the things that are not checked off our list.  Recently though I'm seeing all of it's potential again.  When we have people over, friends or photo clients, I get to see it through their eyes and remember the reasons we jumped in to begin with.  I really wish I could find the family that built the house to show them how we're loving on it.
I love themed and seasonal clothes.  Georgia felt so fancy with her wavy hair and getting to go to big church with me, nanny, and nana.  We went for yogurt after.  Love getting to spend this time with my big girl.
Our neighborhood has a lot of young families moving in and we had our first annual fourth parade.  It was HUGE and a huge hit.  I was so surprised to see all the families and all the sweet grandmas and grandpas that still live here sitting out in their chairs to watch us go by.  Just add this to the list of things I love about our home.
After the parade we drove about an hour to Jonathan's parents for his parents annual, hot as all get out, fourth of july party.
We came home early because Jonathan was starting to feel badly and Georgia and I did fireworks on the driveway with my mom.  It started off well and ended in tears due to a firework not quite doing what we thought it would.
The following day Jonathan was feeling better and he stayed home with the babies while I ran errands and caught up on life.  Our, "little puppy" rarely lets me get anything done and I love him to pieces but momma needs some sanity!  Darn all you people with non-mobile babies :(

Maybe if we had a third it would be one of those laid back kids who didn't hit their milestone early and enjoyed teething ;)

Currently listening to him protest his nap.  For about a week we switched him back to two naps while he finishes this wonder week and he had been doing great.  This morning though he didn't want to take a morning nap but instead took a super crappy afternoon nap.  Not allowed kid...enjoy your protest while I blog.
 Our kids are so stinking cute!
I've been trying to say "yes" to Georgia more.  Not a YES parent but just, "yes" to her silly little requests.  The other day was her makeup.  I set it all up for her and this is what she came up with...after she made herself into a cat and washed it off.
On Friday I took the kids to Conroe coffee to grab a snack before we walked down to sign Georgia up for an August Art Camp through the Conroe Art League.  We're both very excited about it.
 The Conroe Art League has the coolest courtyard in the center of their building down town.  It is open to the public.
My mom came over Friday evening and Jonathan and I had date night.  First one since before Christmas.  We went to La Madeleine, Tyler's, Whole Foods (for dessert), drove around a pretty neighborhood, and then went car shopping. J wants to get an RV (so we need a vehicle that can tow 5,000 pounds) and I want an SUV and not a truck so that means our options are very limited.  Seriously, Tahoe (suburban), Yukon (Yukon XL), Expedition (Expedition EL), Sequoia, or Armada.  I think that covers most of them...besides Lincoln or Cadillac.  I don't like how the Toyota or Nissan look so those are out and that leaves us with American made.  We decided against (I think) the extra length so now we're deciding between the Tahoe, Yukon, or Expedition.  We tested out the Expedition last night.  Hands down, best third row ever BUT I will never ride in any third row ever so I'm not sure I should let that be a deciding factor...(we talk about cars at our house a lot obviously) but anyhow...we had a good time just the two of us.  Nothing fancy but nice.

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