Week in the Life - 7

July 17, 2017

This week was busy and hot and humid.

I looked at my summer goals list recently and realized I hadn't done anything on it.  Jonathan has off every friday but I got off to a slow start because of two trips followed by Jonathan going out of town.  Anyhow, I got my planner out and made a plan for finishing everything on my list.  I made good progress this week and my planner now looks like chicken scratch because of it.

We're still going fairly strong with our morning walks.  It's hard because it is so hot and humid and miserable but it's the only thing I can figure out to be active.
Georgia went to Cooking Camp at our church this week.  It wasn't a drop off type of thing and was 3 hours long so I knew Milam couldn't hang.  My mom volunteered my step dad to take her so he could stay and help her.  My mom is the receptionist so she sent me pictures throughout the day.
Milam and I had the morning to ourselves and he enjoyed a yummy lunch.
Later we went for Snow cones because the flavor of the week was Georgia Peach so duh...
Some of the week was a rainy blur and we made a lot of forts and went a little stir crazy.
The earlier we leave for our walks the better.  If it is 9:00 or beyond then we don't even attempt.
On Friday we drove all across Houston to get counter tops at Ikea that were not even in stock.  I remembered Lumber Liquidators sold them so we found some in stock and were off to get those (more expensive) counter tops.
My mom and step dad have been coming over occasionally for dinner and kitchen prep help and Georgia and I found two preying mantises.  She picked one up and it ran all the way up her arm and perched on her head.  It was the funniest thing.
At the end of the day, near dinner time, Milam just cannot handle a bunch of legs walking past him over and over again as we rush around cleaning up and making dinner.  Carrier to the rescue.  This guy loves being close.
 We were not planning on replacing our dishwasher but it started making strange noises on Saturday so we scouted Lowes and Home Depot for a new one since getting a new one put in during kitchen reno makes a lot of sense.
Sunday was church as usual.  They haven't moved Milam out of the nursery yet because they're waiting on some kids in the toddler class to promote out so he doesn't get trampled.
He clearly ate a big breakfast that morning.  He's a healthy boy.
We also celebrated national ice cream day.
...and I have a few more random phone pics but my phone won't sync to my computer for some reason...

Happy Monday everyone!

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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Oh my goodness, that last one of the fudgesicle running down his leg--too cute.
I used to spend every summer in Houston at my dad's and you are definitely making me not miss Houston summers! It has been pretty gross here too with humidity, but the last few days we've gotten a break and it's been amazing!


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