What We Did This Weekend

July 10, 2017

Every weekend is a total blur and I have to look back and my pictures to piece together what we actually did.  Just me?

Jonathan doesn't normally work on Fridays in the summer but he had off Monday and Tuesday for the fourth so he had to work on Friday which was a bummer but his work week was only Thursday and Friday because he got sick so it wasn't too terrible and I already posted that we went on a date night...much needed date night on Friday.  Super casual and low key but all I wanted was time alone to actually finish a sentence with him.

Saturday we continued car shopping like we did on Friday to end our date (previous post) and looked at Chevy and GMC.  90% sure we'll be in the used market but I just needed to figure out what we really need.

We came home and relaxed.  I ran some errands and then Georgia and I were off to a party for two sweet neighborhood girls (joint party).  The party was on our street at one of the girl's house and the other little girl happens to live on my mom's street.  Quite the neighborhood affair ;)  I wrapped B's gift and Georgia wrapped LA's gift.  Pretty cute.  In addition to their regular gifts Georgia also made them each a bracelet and necklace...because that is her entire life right now.  I snapped this before we walked down the street.
On sunday we went to church per the usual
Could you not just eat him up with a spoon?!?!  I promptly cut his hair myself after I took this picture.  I didn't do a fantastic job but it will do just fine until I can get him in.  It was getting way too hard to fix and was just too long to begin with.
Jonathan went shooting with friends on Sunday night and my mom came over to watch Milam while Georgia and I were going to swim night with our church.  It got rained out unfortunately so I took her for frozen yogurt instead...super exciting stuff ;)

Happy Monday!

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Hilary said...

"but all I wanted was time alone to actually finish a sentence with him."

YES! So much yes!


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