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August 23, 2017

I really need to post about BACK TO SCHOOL and ALL THE BIRTHDAYS but I really want to tie up all the lose ends before I do that.  If you wanted a post full of really pretty edited images that is short and sweet and to the point...this isn't that post ;)

Recently Milam has taken to coloring and it is so cute.  He gets so impressed with himself.
Georgia was in art camp recently but it didn't start until one and Milam naps at 12:30.  Poor sweet boy just couldn't hang.
 She also had Ninja Camp at gymnastics
And this picture sums up last week...3 busted lips in 3 days.  I did manage to salvage his outfit.  I just threw what I was wearing away.  I didn't even try.  I remember this stage with Georgia very well.
 Her hair post french braids.
 Georgia really wanted to go to "Crankel Berry" so my grandmother took us all.  G loved it.
 One of Milam's favorite activities :)
 Just a normal day at Target
 G got a hold of the felt letter board
 Enjoying pallets in mom's room and trampoline time before school started
 Crazy bed head from my crazy good sleeper
 I set up a little homework station with her printed homework assignments from the entire school year.
 Three deer in our back yard
 Jonathan got to take us to breakfast the other day and we went to CFA to let M play.  It was a nice treat while sister was at school.
 Our chickens are so strange.  Well, Maddie the smaller black one is.  She's wilder than the others.  We had been low on eggs...come to find out she wasn't using the nesting box.  I remedied that though.
Hey mom, those few minutes I was being really quiet...I was in your bathroom
 This girl just started at a new gym because it is SO CLOSE to our house.  She insisted on the scrunchie and I tried to talk her out of it :/
 They're actually blocking their faces from the sun but it looks like they're too cool for school
 Car wash...exciting stuff.
 Promotion sunday!
 Celebrated Eclipse day 2017! With clothes...duh...
Hide and seek is a new and very fun game
 We are really enjoying having a finished kitchen for the first time in 3 years.  I WILL get some good pictures of it...soonish.  Haven't posted pics of Milam's nursery but you know...baby steps.
I agonized over lighting.  Searched every sight and store and just couldn't find anything I just LOVED.  So, I went to the Habitat Restore and found two super cheap lights.  The fixture on the left was $5 and the one on the right was $15.  The spray paint was $18.  I figured I would maybe get the look I was going for and if not I wasn't out much money and the search would continue but it was a pretty cheap way to test out what I was wanting.  Turns out I LOVE them.  They're both keepers.  I'll get good pictures at some point.  The sink light is painted silver and the other one is a stone beige/gray.
I took the glass out of this fixture because I had glass in a fixture above the sink before and it was always dirty and dusty and gross so I knew I wanted something without glass.
Up next...school and birthdays!

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Great post!!! I especially love the picture of Miliam in the Target basket!!!


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