Milam - One Year

August 22, 2017

Happy birthday to my sweetest little boy,
Let me try and bottle up all of you in one little blog post.
Understands the words:
night night
paw paw
all done
You sign:
all done
thank you
you put your hands on your cheeks when I saw, "Oh my goodness!"

You say:
nigh nigh
Dor-Dee (Georgie - Georgia)
all done

First sentence: Hi dadeee!
Bunbun is featured in all of your pictures, as well as a stick, because I did these by myself and you had no interest in sitting still for me.
You Love
To jump, dance, bounce, run, growl, back it up and sit in laps, read books, play with cars, mimic what mom is doing, climb compulsively, play peek a boo, splash, climb, stack, open and close doors, take things apart and put them back together

You point all the time, you clap when we say, "yay!", you can show us "One" when we tell you that you will be one on your birthday, you talk all the time.

You have 7 teeth, are in a size 5 wide shoe, wear 18-24 month clothes, I just switched you to size 5 diapers

25.6 lbs = 97%

You typically are always hungry and will eat almost anything.  Your favorites are fruit, craisins, cheese, and Ritz crackers.  You get two half formula half whole milk bottles a day.  One at nap and one at bed.  All other times you get sippy cups of milk.  I'll transition your two bottles to sippy cups soon.  Just want to switch to all milk first.
You are an absolute joy my sweet boy! You are so smart and catch on to things very quickly.  You know what you want and go after it but I can usually offer you a good trade.  You keep me on my toes every single day as you try to climb everything in your sight.  You can get on our bed, on the couch, on the chairs but usually can't get down.  You've taken some good tumbles but momma can always make it better. You are most affectionate with Georgia but love to go find books and then find my lap to sit in.  "That's not my Bunny" is your favorite.  You've also taken to stuffed animals and love your dog, "Biscuit" and your bunny, "BunBun".  You carry them around and hug them and then lay down on top of them and cuddle and say, "nigh nigh".  You think your Daddy and Georgia are the funniest.  You love to share your food and want everyone to take bites.
You get anxious if you see us leaving or if we're about to leave and everyone is rushing around.  You don't want to feel forgotten.  You usually fight getting put in your carseat but after we get going you're usually fine.

You sleep 12-13.5 hours a night and take one nap that starts at 12:30 and lasts 2-3.5 hours.  You've been on the longer scale lately though.  Your schedule has been the same for a long time.  Since 9 months or so.
You bring so much to our little family.  I hope I always vividly remember the immense amount of contentment that swept over me the instant I met you.  Your birth and entrance into our family was the culmination of 2.5 years of trying for another baby and losing two before you.  Whenever I see you now I feel the same as when I first saw you...God's victory.  When I see you I know that our loving God keeps his promises.  I always tell your dad that you are the single best thing I have ever done in my life.  Yes I love you and your sister the same.  Don't tease her when y'all are older and reading this!  But, I love you in very different ways.  She was so easy to get and I never appreciated her the way I should have until I couldn't get you.  I cherish those five years and three months I had her all to myself.  So many times I wanted to give up on you but I didn't  We kept trying and that is a testament to my growth and my patience and that is why you are the best thing I have ever done.

My grandmother's old laundry basket became such a fun little prop...making it harder and harder to get a descent picture of you but it was worth it.
I tried to spread all of your different first birthday photo sessions out because you literally give me zero seconds to take your pictures and I needed one year pictures, your monthly picture, and cake smash pictures.  It was a tall order but with a lot of sweat I got them all done.
Happy ONE YEAR my baby boy!  I love you!


Lyndsey said...

I can't believe this week has finally come! Some days I wasn't sure we'd make it (tough baby problems, ha!) and yet I feel like I blinked! I hope y'all had a special day as a family celebrating your little miracle!

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Happy birthday little guy!!! He's getting so big!!!


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