Where did I leave off...

August 9, 2017

This is our last full week before school.  Georgia starts on Aug 16th (and gets out on May 31st with a 2.5 week Christmas break...I think Christmas being on a monday throws things off.)  I'm kind of ready for school to get started just to get it over with.

I'm not sure where I left off...

It has been SO HOT and SO HUMID.  The look on her face shows how we've felt about it.
Luckily there is an adorable new snow cone stand here in town and we go get $2 snow cones any chance we can get.
Earlier in the summer G had cooking camp.  Last week she had Ninja Camp at gymnastics and this week she's in art camp.  Summer is going out with a bang.
Pictures of my two looking cute together...
Me: Pawpaw gave me this necklace when I graduated from high school
G: Oh, it must be really old!

Me: This is the same sonic your dad and I went to when we were in high school
G: So, it's really old then?!

Me: This movie came out when Uncle Travis was little
G: Oh, that's a really old movie!
Post dinner dessert with friends
And there is this.  I can't count all the things he's climbed, fallen off, busted or bruised just this week alone.  I'm so tired.  All the time tired.

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