Happy Weekend!

September 22, 2017

Off to school
This outfit makes her feel like such a big kid.
 Storybook Parade!
Home with this guy!  He is such a messy eater but he loves to feed himself so I let him because it makes him so happy!
Seventh Generation sent me some of their wipes to try out.  They are winners in my book (bigger, thicker, and not dry like other wipes).  I've used them for Milam's face after meals and his little booty after yucky diapers.  They've been really, really great.  I was actually pleasantly surprised.
Other things Milam is good at besides being messy...making messes in general
Georgia has recently become obsessed with two things:
Her bike!
 Being the most out spoken Christian ever.
This guy again.  He's too much.  I wrapped him up after a sink bath and I literally died.
 He likes to crawl up on the couch and just chill...and take off his diaper.  If I forget to put shorts on him then this happens.  Every time.
 He's stealing my lunch.
Reading to Ethan on the way to school.  Glad they get a long so well :)  I do morning drop off and his mom picks up.
Here's to a good weekend y'all!

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