Summer Favorites 2017

September 19, 2017

The summer season is dwindling down.  Here are my favorites from this season!

Origins Original Skin
Influenster sent me a new skin care line but I'm always 100% honest in my reviews and I LOVE this line!
Felt Letter Board
Felt letter board.  I got this perfect little one at Hobby Lobby.  I love that it is white on white.  I was very late to the game on the letter board trend.  I'm not very trendy but it is so dang handy.
New Camera - Nikon D610
I was forced to get another camera because Milam got my SD card stuck in my old camera.  It was a lot of new fun features.  I really like the double exposure feature just for cool shots of my own two.
New Kitchen
We FINALLY re-did our kitchen.  Full post HERE
Snow cones at Lottie's
We got a new snow cone stand here in Conroe and it is so cute and so yummy.
Summer, you were good to us!  Here's to fall!


Callie said...

Oh wow, I love the double exposure! Cool! What camera did you have before? I'm having trouble with my Nikon right now. At least half my pictures aren't focused properly, and I've tried everything I can think of (it's not shutter speed, everyone always says that first). :-/ In going to have to try that Origins line!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Summer just went by so darn fast! Looks like you guys had an awesome one and made the most of it, thought! I just got a felt board too ($10 at walmart!) and am loving it! They are so fun.


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