Milam - 13 Months

September 27, 2017

I'm not one of those parents who counts their kid's ages in months.  BUT, I really like having their monthly updates to look back on.  So this is late but it's here.  I love you so much little buddy!
You talk so much more than I thought you would at this point.  Because I had a girl first I imagined you being less vocal than her but oh my goodness you are NOT! You have a very loud voice.  You say on the regular: Momma, daddy, Nana, Nanny, Meme, hi, bye-bye, all done (ahh duh), please (pees), ball (buh), car (caa), outside (ahh sii), Georgia and you copy almost everything we say.  If I ask you to say something you always try.  You understand a lot of words.  You know milk and water, eat, walk, and a lot of other things.  You sign all done, more, please, help, and thank you.  You also blow kisses.  If I say, "Milam, go get your ball." You will go find it.  Ball, blocks,'ll retrieve them for me.
You go 90 mph all the time and climb on everything always.  You are always getting stuck.  I promise I watch you.  I really, really do!  You can dance, shake, pat-pat, jump, clap, stomp...all on command.  You love being outside and playing.  You want to push the stroller and pull the wagon all by yourself.  You want to keep up with your sister while she riders her bike down the street.  You love watching all the big kids play.
You still only have 7 teeth and with all you are putting us through right now I am hoping you are getting some more.   A LOT more! Please, God.  Let there be more teeth!  I have no idea how much you weigh or how tall you are but I'll get on that soon.  You are all switched to sippy cups and whole milk and doing really well with that.  You get a small pack of probiotics in your milk every morning and that has cleared your skin up on your face.  With Motrin or Tylenol you are still taking a great 3 hour nap but I hate having to medicate you for it but oh my goodness you won't sleep without it.  You've been going down for your nap at 11:30 because you've been waking up before 7.  Which means I've been putting you down at 7 to make sure you're getting enough sleep.  Eating isn't even your favorite right now (which may be because you have two blisters inside of your mouth from busting your lip twice in one day).  You pull on your head and hair so I figure you're teething.  You were crying the other day so I managed to get my finger on your gums and started rubbing and you instantly stopped crying and started talking to me.  Broke my heart.
You are the little star of our family.  We all love you so much!  Gah...and you're so dang handsome that I just can't stand it.  I'm so glad you're mine.  What a blessing.

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