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October 2, 2017

I love celebrating little things with my family.  I don't normally decorate for Halloween but Georgia will only be 6 once and she loves "spooky" things so I'm coming around.  I got the babies matching skeleton pajamas, pumpkin Little Debbies, and got out all her fall books and I'm already on the hunt for more.  She loves the pajamas!  We were supposed to have a social with our Sunday school class but Milam had a 99 fever all day and I wasn't sure what was going on so we took G to Glow Night at church and swung by and got take out and ate it at home while Milam slept.
Georgia went to cheer camp and loved it!
 This one is teething and is having some rough days.
Georgia and Jonathan went to church and I stayed home with Milam even though his strange little 99 fever went away I didn't want to be that mom.
This kid is a mess!
 After drop off for school and our morning walk we got dressed and headed to MOPS.
 He's going to give me a heart attack.
I make spaghetti every monday.  Spaghetti monday and taco tuesday are musts in this house!
Seriously this is the second time I had rescued him in about as many minutes.  I'm not sure why Jonathan and I make such MONKEYS
 Early nap for this sleepy head.  My precious boy.
 This is lame but I wasn't sure if red heads can wear red so I was trying on a random red outfit to make sure it didn't clash with his hair.  This one happened to be my brother's and it looked so cute on him!
Milam and I ran errands and then I brought him home and put him in bed.  I woke him up from a four hour nap knowing it wasn't going to be good.  On Friday and Saturday he had a 99 fever, felt warm, and was groggy but I thought it was teething.  Then, he was fine for 3 days and then a low fever again.  He hasn't been eating much at all.  I called the doctor right away just to go ahead and get an appointment to try and figure out what is going on.  I got a few happy pictures of him before he started to feel even worse.  Wednesday night and early Thursday morning were really rough.  A lot of diarrhea and vomit at 11.  Jonathan got him cleaned up and then woke me up to help.  I had gone to bed early with J planning the 11:00 meds and me the 3:00.  I went back to bed at 11:45 or so and then back up at 3.  When I woke up M for his meds he would not go back to sleep.  Him and I finally got some sleep around 4:30 and then I was up at 6:30 to get G ready for school.
So today started at...I'm not sure...3 AM?   Luckily my step dad offered to take G to school so I didn't have to get M up but unluckily I left my phone on his car and it was never seen again.  We used the Find My Phone app and went to were it said it was but it was not there.  Milam had diarrhea all over me and then threw up all over me and the bed.  It was a huge mess, a lot of cleaning and laundry.  We managed to make it to the doctor and the doctor thinks the first two days of fever were Milam fighting off the virus initially getting into his body.  His little body didn't get rid of all of it and it re multiplied.  He also said that a virus that causes sinus issues can then travel down and cause stomach issues.  He has a small bit of fluid in his ear and he said that is probably secondary to the virus and is not making him sick..  I picked up his RX, my mom provided a lot of cleaning supplies because oddly enough I had no bleach (disgusting bath tub I washed him in) or vinegar (laundry) on hand.  Jonathan came home early to help me because Milam would not be set down (although he took a really good nap) and he came home with dinner and a new phone for me.  It breaks my heart how poorly he feels but I'm so glad he finds comfort in us for a lot of snuggles.  He's a snuggler anyhow but wants it non stop now.
And, my little miss had picture day and looked like perfection in my opinion.  My mom took her to gymnastics, fed her dinner, bathed her, and sent her home for bed after Milam was already asleep and the house was clean and sanitized.  We're hoping that keeping her out of the house as much as possible will spare her from what the doctor called, "a very contagious" virus.  Yippe us.
We had a slightly better night and Milam was starting to feel a little better.  His fever broke in the night but he was still feeling a little iffy.  I don't know how many loads of laundry I've done in the past two days.  Maybe 15+ loads.  I'm not even kidding.  He only threw up twice but he has had diarrhea several times an hour.  I know he's lost weight.

My mom and step dad watched Milam that night so I could take Georgia to her cheer performance.  I got dressed for the game three times.  Every time I got dressed, Milam would use the restroom and it would end up all over me.  He covered several of my outfits in diarrhea.  It was horrible.  The first day he was sick he also soaked his sleep sack so we threw it away but we only have two.  We had a rough night with only one so I went and dug the poop covered one out of the city trash can and washed it.  True story.  Friday was fantastic.
I got her little cheer skirt on Amazon and she loves it!
One of the cheerleaders let her borrow her poms and it made her entire life!
We swung by Whataburger for some late night snacks and then had a girl's night because Jonathan was at a game at his high school.
We had a really busy Saturday.  I had my Hurricane Harvey Relief photo shoot.  I had a really good time meeting these families.  Then, I went and had lunch with a friend, Georgia went to a birthday party, and we hung out with my mom and step dad.
We all stayed home from church because I had the rare sunday morning shoot and I didn't want to put M back in the nursery just yet.  My Sunday morning shoot was at a park and my sunday evening shoot was at a park as well so the fam tagged along which always makes working on the weekends better!  And of course the littles wore festive clothes for October first...it was 90 degrees.
And, that is what we have been up to!

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Man, you guys had a rough few days! hopefully this week is better!!


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