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October 20, 2017

On Saturday Georgia went to a football game with Jonathan and did the cheers from her cheer camp the previous weekend.  When I came to pick her up (I had to work) she was really quiet and I looked down and she was silently crying.  It was so sad.  She didn't want to leave.  The girl she was paired with is a senior and Georgia is so upset she's leaving.  Jonathan and his old secretary snapped a ton of pictures.  I was so glad to see she was having a great time.  They all agreed, Georgia was the best in her stunts and was the only one who could do it with one leg.  I posted all of these photos just for me...you can scroll past them really fast.
Milam and I took our usual walk on Friday.  It was so foggy.  We stopped by our favorite house.  On Halloween night they set up three tables (every year!) and you get one thing from each table.  There is usually a table with glow items, and table with coloring books and other things, and then a candy table.  It is the best!
Jonathan's parents also came over on Friday and we were able to go to dinner and dessert.  So nice!  I forgot that I usually order a kid's size.  I didn't pick a size and Jonathan brought me an ice cream as big as my head.
At some point we found a box turtle in the yard so that was fun.
On Monday we had MOPS and this little guy just could not hang.  He looks like a grown man in this picture.  So dang cute.
I got him in the house, clothes off, and ready for bed and then of course that's when he wakes up because he wants to play with my necklace.
And I won these bracelets at MOPS!  So pretty!
Obviously these pictures are not in any certain order.  These are the kids ready to take on their friday.  Spirit clothes for G and pumpkin diaper for a super spooky Friday the 13th ;)
I got the kids dressed to go to the local pumpkin patch, checked their website to confirm dates and times, and then headed out.  They were not open yet.  Assuming their pumpkins hadn't come in.  So, we drove down to the huge local fruit stand that always sells a ton of pumpkins and did pictures there.  There is a really nice pumpkin patch with games and rides one town over and we went once when G was a baby.  It is just so dang hot here still that we never went back.  Maybe we'll try it again once Milam is older.  Honestly, I really like the small set up Trader Joe's always does.  Cute and INSIDE!
Then, they wore the same clothes for church on Sunday.  I love efficiency!
And we're back on Monday again.  It's been slightly chilly in the mornings and it's so nice and a little bundled baby is just the cutest!  I'm so jealous of his eyes and those lashes!
He rarely will look at me and I rarely like babies in jeans (they just seem so uncomfortable) but he looked so big this morning!  This was before MOPS...the sleeping pics up top were after MOPS.  Obviously blogger took creative license on how to add my pictures in...
I can't ever seem to decorate my porch effectively for any season other than fall.  And it's so small but I do the best I can.  I don't have a lot of space to work with.
I cannot handle how cute he is.  Kills me!
 First grade work.  Counting, counting money, reading, and COOKIES!  Yum!
I've been working so much on the weekends.  That means, during the week I'm doing a lot of editing! But we do manage to get out of the house on occasion for errands.  Other wise I run after him all day and have a messy house...but my clients get their images REALLY fast!

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