December Happenings

December 15, 2017

I was all caught on blogging and now it's been so long!

Unfortunately, Jonathan's great aunt Clarice passed away.  She was such a sweet lady (I only met her a handful of times because she lived in Louisiana) and really loved my kids.  Jonathan and I made the trip to go to the funeral with Jonathan's parents and Milam.  Georgia at this point had missed 6 days of school (5 for the flu) so I didn't want to take her out of school again so she stayed with my mom and step dad and had her first little gymnastics meet.  I was sad to have missed it.

I always say he's "bad" but it is something Jonathan and I say with a laugh.  He's very much a 15 month old.  He wants to go all the time.  So, we didn't even go into the (2 hour long) funeral.  I wandered the halls and found the totally empty toddler room and remained there the entire service.
 Milam has never been good in the car.  Ever.  But at least he looks cute in formal baby attire.
This wednesday Georgia and I got what we think is food poisoning.  It has been so bad but we are finally on the up and up today.  So far the boys aren't sick and they ate something different than we did.  Also, our dog ate our dinner out of the trash, which he never does, and he got sick as well.  Ick!
But between funerals and throwing up we had some good times!  A lof of Christmas fun.
Walks with baby and bun bun.  And those jammies!
 National Cookie Day
 Beautiful leaves
 Sweet little decorations
 Her new competition leo.  She feels legit.
 Mr. Handsome
 He's discovered the play place and he's a fan!
 Georgia went to the church christmas party with her dad.  I stayed home with a sleeping baby
 This kid is so tired of being inside just because his mom is a wimp and doesn't like to be cold.  He doesn't care so outside we went.
 This kid.  She got a 100 on her math paper and a "glow" note.  I'll admit that her math grades stress me out because she'll do poorly on a paper at school and then redo it at home and get a 100 easy.  So, she knows the content but she just can't focus at school.  Hoping that maturity will come as she grows since she's young for her grade.
 I love Sundays in December
 Sunday school class party
 we won!
 Another Christmas party for our MOPS group!
 Gah...this kid keeps me on my toes but that face!
 Milam loves to read and he loves to sit in your lap.  It's the sweetest thing.
 Nanny and Milam are BFFs.  Mainly because Nanny has her own set of wheels that Milam calls a bike.  hahaha.
 Best big sister ever.
The day we left for the funeral, it had snowed the previous night.  We had school still because the roads were bone dry but the kids were crazy about it.  I take G and a friend to school every morning and I kept giving them a pep talk about being good and calm for their teacher even though it is so exciting that it snowed.  Everyone has commented on what a crazy year it has been for Houston.  We had the 2017 super bowl, terrible flooding, won the world series, and now snow.  What a crazy ride.
And, although I am a photographer on the side I much rather capture the moment than the perfect picture.  She was so excited!
 The next morning before school...
Georgia and I also went to her school's performance of the Nutcracker.  Only the 4th grade performs and G is super excited for her turn!
So, we've taken the good with the bad but hopefully this weekend will be a turn for the better!

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