While the Kids are Away

December 22, 2017

I finally got my computer and phone to sync up photo stream.  YAY!

Georgia and I have luckily recovered from food poisoning and we are all officially on Christmas break...
I had fun coming up with gift ideas for Georgia's teacher, her classmates and a few of our neighbors.
Made S'more kits for the neighbors (Enjoy "S'more" holiday fun on us!) and kept one for us to enjoy at home!
I had a photo shoot in Houston so these two tagged along with me.  We had fun at the Arboretum and Punk's
While we were downtown this one went to a play with my mom, step dad, and her little cousin.  She looked so cute and had so much fun.  Some of her friends were in the play so she was excited to see it.
I didn't get pictures of all her Christmas outfits but we were all decked out this week!
 Kicked off G's break with a bang.  S'mores and a Christmas movie!
 Visiting Santa is one of those traditions that does not give me the warm fuzzies.  I never went as a child and neither did J.  I don't think it's strange or anything but it always feels forced and a waste of time rather than fun.  We find a free one that works in our schedule and do that.  This picture sure is a gem.
 Gah.  This boy loves chocolate just like his momma and I sure do love him!
He's been my little buddy running errands this week and hasn't protested too much about being drug all over town.  He is so stinking cute.  It kills me.

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