Milam - 16 Months

December 22, 2017

Happy 16 months beautiful boy! I can't believe we are on our way to a year and a half!
Right at 15 months you got your 8th tooth.  The front bottom one.  The next day you got tooth number 9.  Your first molar.  You're working really hard on the pair for that molar too.

Last month you were 28 pounds which is the 97th percentile for weight.
On 12.13.17 you were 33.5 inches tall which is the 98th percentile for height.
Most conversations about your age end with, "yes, he is very big for his age."  You're in the same sizes that you were last month.
When you cut your 8th tooth you fell back into a good sleep pattern at night with 12 hours solid.  Then, your molars started coming in and you were back to 11.  I would say it isn't an issue but you're cranky about it and clearly missing that hour.  Currently you go back and fourth between 12-11 hours at night and 2-3 hour naps.
You fully understand most sentences pertaining to food:
Do you want bites
Do you want a snack
Are you ready to eat
Do you want chocolate (!!!)

Oh my goodness you have the BIGGEST personality and the BIGGEST attitude!  You are so cute so that saves you.  You yell NOOOO! We are currently trying time out.  You give the sweetest smile and look up to us and say HI!  You've started giving me the biggest bear hugs (not just your sister) and it is the best thing ever.  You wrap your arms and legs around me and squeeze tight and pat me on the back.  It is so sweet.

You love fruit, meat, sweets, and carbs.  I'm always working on your veggies.  Currently you'll eat broccoli and I think that's it...besides beans (not green beans but regular ones).  You want whatever we have.  You always want what your sister has.  You think you're big just like her.

You love your tricycle, going fast down hills, any toy that is car or ball related, being chased, and talking all the time.  You like to be held and carried around.  You climb on everything in sight and throw big fits when we get you down.  You don't like being told no.

You know too many words for me to list and you try to say everything we do.  You love Christmas more than any child I have ever known.  Which is fitting because I found out I was pregnant on Christmas day.  You "oh" and "ahh" over all the lights and yell, "LIGHTS!" and "WOW!" when you see them.  It is adorable.

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