Emily Reads {Quarter ONE}

April 3, 2018

{I accidentally published this post but oh well...here ya' go!}

My goal two years ago was to read one book a month and I think I stuck to it for about 3 or so months and then totally forgot about it.  Well, I'm back at it.  If you follow along you will notice two things:
I gravitate towards classic novels
I read a lot of religious books

Here is what I have read so far!

Praying Circles Around Your Children - Mark Batterson
  I would recommend reading, "The Circle maker" first before reading this one.  Definitely a continuation of the book.  A good quick read.
Praying God's Word - Beth Moore
  I read this a little each day and did not finish it in January.  It is not a book you would read all the way through cover to cover.  You read bits and pieces as you have a need for them.
The Great Gatsby - F.S. Fitzgerald
  I read this book in high school  and fell in love.  Now that I'm older I've tried two other times to read it but have only made it through the first few chapters before totally forgetting about it.  I'm really interested in reading the "classics" now as an adult to see if my reactions to them are any different.
The Age of Innocence - Edith Wharton
I started this book but between spring break, bluebonnets, Easter pictures, and Easter itself I just forgot about it.  WHICH, it ok because I read two books in January so that makes up for it.  I'll post about this book in April ;)

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Callie said...

Oo, I love seeing what you’re reading! I’m trying to read more classics this year - I feel like I missed so many in high school!


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