Milam - 21 Months

May 22, 2018

Milam, you are such a little stinker.  A sour patch kid for sure.  You are so cute and so lovable and so funny that you make me want another one just like you.  On the other hand you are so exhausting and make me feel so done.  Sour patch or not we love you more than we could ever describe.

You've slept really good this month and really bad.  Your last incisor came in so you should level out.  You're eating a TON of meat and cheese right now...and berries.  You even gobbled down broccoli the other night.  YAY!

Diapers are size 6.  Clothes are 2T.  Shoes are 8.5 or 9.  You weigh somewhere around 30 pounds.

You've started to hoard lovies.  You currently have three.  Bunny, dog, and cat.  We don't let you sleep with cat because he's your sisters.  You love anything outside and love your bike that you just push around.

Still a momma's boy but are becoming more equal opportunity which is so nice on my arms.  You still adore your sister and really like all her friends as well.

You are your sister are so different is so many ways and alike in so many ways. You're talking more and more and becoming easier for me to understand although most people probably don't.  While your sister was fairly articulate at this age you are not.  We still let you go potty before your bath at night.  You don't show a lot of interest to build upon that.

I love you my silly boy!

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