Week in the Life -19

May 21, 2018

On Monday I started no carbs and no sugar.  It started off really bad at our last MOPS meeting/ice cream social.  So, I started after MOPS.  Jonathan and I give ourselves three cheat meals throughout the weekend and it gives us something to look forward to.  Its tough!

I signed Georgia up a long time ago for Barnes and Noble's birthday club.  She gets a free starbucks treat from them every year at the little cafe in the book store.  She picked a sugar cookie of all things.
The just walked around and looked at the water
 Clearly he loves peanut butter!
 Georgia's birthday was on Thursday.  I made her a quick special breakfast! She was excited.
 Brother and I went and picked up sister's birthday donuts to pass out at school lunch.
 We also got them matching Columbia shirts for the upcoming summer outdoor activities.  This is the smallest they came in but still cute ;)
 Aren't these the cutest ever!?
 Lunch of CFA for school
 Milam looking pretty cool here.  He cut his toe pretty badly but I couldn't get a band-aid on it.  So I put socks on him (it wasn't bleeding really bad and I had cleaned and dried it really well) but he wanted to go outside...socks and crocs.  Looks good :)  Also, blueberry popsicle on his face and stole his sister's drink.
 Friday...of to rehome a box turtle who had walked all the way up our driveway
 Milam making me tired.  Pulls the couch cushions off...
 We took Georgia and Ethan for birthday dinner to celebrate since she had a girls only party.  Sweet friends.
 Saturday Jonathan had to work.  I had Milam to myself per the usual because he took G to work with him and then they were off to kayak after work.  She wanted a green kayak for her birthday.
 All his babies ready for a walk.  We walked to my mom's and hung out for awhile before we headed home to eat lunch and it was nap time for M.
Jonathan sent me a lot of pictures of their adventure!
We went and swam at a friend's house and then I headed into Houston for an engagement session that I can't post until after they send out save the date cards.

On Sunday we tried for Sunday pictures.  Meh.
I got Milam down for a nap, my mom came and watch him, and then we went to our neighbor's Eagle Scout awards.  It was really sweet.
Then, it was home and dinner and bed.  Just to start over today! Happy Monday!



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