Week in the Life - 18

May 14, 2018

-Illness, Teachers, Party, Prom, Photo shoots-

When my alarm went off Monday morning I was like, "No.  No.  Just NO!"  This time of year is so busy.  I feel like we are just coming and going and I am ready for school to be done.  Jonathan is super busy at work and I have more photo shoots than I normally do this time of year which is good and bad.  I'm such a homebody that I just want all my people with me all the time.  We do try to include each other as much as possible but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

On Monday we played outside a LOT.  The highs are just about 90 but for us that isn't too bad considering we have a screened in porch that is shaded 100% of the day and with all our large trees we can find shade somewhere.  Milam just wants to water the plants all day.  Luckily the pots are all well drained...hahaha.

We enjoyed celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week/day all week long and are so very thankful to all the wonderful educators in our lives.
On Tuesday Georgia came home from school sick.  BOO!  I am so over illness!  Milam and I had been suffering with allergies FOREVER and I had even been to the doctor twice to treat the resulting sinus infection and ear infection that would not go away.  Milam also had a sinus infection...then a stomach bug.  And then G.  She's a nail biter and when she's anxious she puts her hands in her mouth (super annoying) so any and all germs go straight on in.  Ick.  I took G right to the doctor because her birthday party was planned for Friday.  Spoiler: she missed school wednesday and thursday but went to school on Friday and still had her party.
At the doctor she tested negative for strep but they gave her antibiotics because her tonsils looked so bad.  Who the heck knows what is going on with her.  It very well may end in her tonsils getting taken out.

Wednesday and Thursday we just hung out at home and skipped school and gymnastics which was a huge bummer because she just got moved up.  Georgia was really disappointed.
On Friday I baked three batches of cookies, one batch of cake balls, and a three layer cake!  I was so busy but it was worth it to have Georgia's birthday party on friday.  Jonathan left in the middle of the party to chaperone prom.  Lucky him ;)  Actually, poor guy got home at 2 am.  After G's party I had my mom come over and watch the kids so I could go out and celebrate my sister in law's birthday.
On Saturday I had a photo shoot two hours away so that took up five hours of my day.  It was a gorgeous day and location but a lot of driving.  The images are turning out lovely.

Sunday was mother's day and it was a great day.  Breakfast in bed, sweet gifts and cards, church, and then family lunch.  Then, we ended the day swimming with our across the street neighbors.  It was fun.
Hopefully I can find the time to post about her sweet little party later!

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