Week in the Life 22

June 11, 2018

Just a lot of playing
Tuesday: The day that I did all the things.  Like, seriously!
Went to the bank
got gas
took my tithe check to church
went to the Dollar Store
dropped things off at my mom's house
Bought a lot of popcorn
unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
organized the hall closet
finished a book
balanced the checkbook
paid the bills
2 mile walk
Bible study
made the bed
2 loads of laundry (and put away!)

Phew.  I don't know what got into me that day!

the normal walking and playing
Jonathan took a half day.  Yay!  So, he was home for gymnastics which means he got to go with Milam and not me.  Haha.  His class is exhausting!
photo shoot
Georgia went to spend two nights with her grandparents
Worked on G's room

I had a photo shoot that morning that J and M tagged along for.  We ran a bunch of random errands, finished Georgia's room and ended up adopting a shelter dog we named, Penelope (a minor character in Harry Potter and started with a P so it followed all of our other dog/cat names we've ever had).
We started the day by meeting up with out of town family (San Antonio) which is always fun.
Georgia came home to a finished room and a dog which was also exciting.  She kept saying, "I am so so happy!"
We also celebrated our nephew's birthday with more out of town family (J's sister who lives in Waco)
and I had to cut the family fun short for another photo shoot downtown Houston.
Did the usual church and some errands thing...
and then headed out to do some blueberry picking post super long naps!
After that we got yogurt and headed home :)  I took this picture to document that I like the color combo of blue/yellow on G
Now, it's Monday and we fun things planned today since Jonathan took today off (and didn't work on Friday either).  He does work the entire summer but gets all fridays off.

Happy Monday!

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