Week(s) in the Life 23

July 10, 2018

We've had a lot of summer fun over here! 
(This was scheduled to post awhile ago and it didn't so here it is!)

Georgia had four days of VBS and enjoyed every bit of it.
Brother and I enjoyed some one on one time in the mornings while she was off at church.
Georgia got asked several months ago to be on her gym's team.  She had her two hour tryout last week and she made it.  We are so proud of her.
 We have been taking our dog a lot of places with us. Our other dog hates the car and has a lot of other weird quirks so we leave him alone.  Penelope does a lot better so we take her all over.
On Friday I had a sunrise shoot and then I was off across town for a newborn shoot.  The mom snapped this.  Ahh.  I sure do have a pretty sweet job :)  I mean, look at that teeny little nugget.
 Does anyone else's son do this.  He tears the cushions up and uses the couch frame as a car table.  I just go with it.  Ugh.
 On Saturday Jonathan and Georgia went kayaking.  They currently stay at East Shore Park in The Woodlands because it doesn't allow motorized boats.  It works for them while she's still learning.  She spends a lot of time jumping out (and falling out) of her kayak and swimming in the lake.
Before that we spent some disgruntled time at the Apple store getting J's phone fixed and running a few other errands.  She's wearing a lot of her favorite things.  A too small shirt, rainbow skirt, and her slides that are mainly for gymnastics.
 We even got a lot of goodies from the Treasure Truck
 Milam has suddenly become interested in TV.  I love it and hate it all at the same time.
 Saturday night Jonathan and I went to a birthday party and my mom was on kiddie duty.  This one "wasn't tired...just a little sleepy" ha.
 Sunday was Father's day so we celebrated our favorite guy!
Then we drove through this odd weather to Jonathan's parents house.  These pictures were taken at the same time and I was standing in the same spot.  Just a 180 degree angle difference.
 Milam...on the way home.  No clothes and asleep with his beloved Jeep
 We've been hitting the summer bucket list pretty hard.  Sonic happy hour.  Snow cones.  We're doing it all...
We dodged a lot of rain...
I'm became super frustrated with how much it costs to own and maintain cars.  Inspection and registration.  Tires.  Filters.  Brakes.  Batteries.  Goodness I am over it. So, SO done! Especially all of these things needing to be done in the same month.  It hasn't been the most relaxing of summers so far...fiscally :/

But we have more than we need even if it doesn't go according to my budgeted plan and these two love each other 95% of the time.
Friday Jonathan had off and it was the kick off of our summer vacations!

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