July 3, 2018

So, I was in advanced English all through school but there are so many classics that I feel that I missed.  I have a printed out sheet of the most common books read in school and really want to finish all of them.  Its a huge list so it will take years but I'm slowly checking them off.  I marked off the ones I already read in school but once I finish them all I may go back and re-read those that I remember really liking.  I re-read the Great Gatsby and it was so much more heart breaking as a 32 year old than it was as an 8th grader.

Lots of the books you'll see on here are classics but I do like new YA lit as well.  Reluctantly so but I can't help it.  I had 4 free credits for Audible so that is making this process a little easier.  I'm the queen of multi tasking so it's been crucial lately although I read fairly fast.  If I find myself lost/confused I reference Spark Notes.

Look at Quarter One HERE

The Age of Innocence
I can't tell if I liked this one or not.  The intentional stuffiness of it angered me.  I felt that it could have ended once as a pretty decent short story.  I can't decide if the last chapter felt good to read or was like a sequel you really wanted to happen but kind of fell flat.  All in all the main character, Archer, really angered me.

Pride and Prejudice
Obviously a classic but I had never read it.  I had seen the movie twice but I loved the book so much more.  I loved the dialog here verses the overly detailed descriptions in The Age of Innocence (which honestly I grew so bored with that I skimmed over).  A must read and I didn't find it too slow paced.  It kept my attention even with having seen the movie.

Red Rising
Jonathan picked this one out for me because it was "SO GOOD."  Because of my audible credits I've gone from behind schedule to ahead of schedule with my "reading".  I did really like this book but it was so much like The Hunger Games I wonder where copyright comes in.  Jonathan taught high school english for several years so if there is a book to read, he's read it.  Anyhow, I love a good uprising and this book plants the seed for a good one.  It's futuristic distopian.  Distopian interest me for how they survive and not all the battle scenes.  Its a good book for sure.

Golden Sun
This is book two of the Red Rising trilogy and I actually started in towards the end of May but it's even longer than the first one! On audible the first one is 16 hours I think and this one is 19 and some change.

I'll probably finish this series and go back to classics or something more feminine.  We shall see.  Audible totally saved me during a busy time of year.  I'm so glad I am sticking to this reading goal even if I'm just "listening"

Morning Star
This was my favorite book of the three I think.  I love a good ending :)

...now I'm moving onto Hemingway and Bronte!


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I really want to read Pride and Prejudice. I also have never read Little Women and really want to!
I also really enjoy YA as much as it sometimes pains me to admit ;)

Callie said...

I’d love to see the list you are working off of! Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorites. ♥️

Heather Lockhart said...

I really liked Red Rising too and want to read the next one. Apparently the author is from the Dallas area, so that made it even more fun as a Texan!

Emily Powell said...

oh my goodness. Just now seeing all of these comments ladies! Darn blogger is not getting them to me! Ugh! Not sure you'll even see this!
N - I've never read little women either! I should!
C- I just googled "High school reading list" and went from there. Pretty basic ;)
H - That is SUPER interesting. I did not know that! I enjoyed the series!


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