Halloween 2018

November 7, 2018

I love any opportunity to dress up.  It's so much fun!  Georgia wanted to be Hermione so of course Milam was Harry.  They were so cute.  I took the first pictures of Georgia for her storybook parade and I took the other a few days before Halloween.
Our neighbors had a hay ride and our neighborhood goes all out.  The retired people love to go above and beyond and it's so fun.  Full sized candy bars, water bottles, toy cars, coloring books, 24 packs of crayons.  One house sets up three tables and you get one things from each table.  It's insane and so fun.  It rained this year like last year but we had about one hour where it stopped so we went for it.  On our way home the skies opened up and we were all soaked to the bone.  We got three inches in just a few hours.  We were drenched but it was worth it.  The kids had a blast and so the parents.
All of the parents had huge golf umbrellas so even when it was sprinkling and raining we stayed dry...until it was raining sideways.  They are drying out all the hay so we can do a Christmas hay ride once all the Christmas lights are up! Bring on the hot chocolate.
Waiting for the rain to stop
I think 2018 may have been the best Halloween yet!


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