Baylor {Part One}

April 5, 2010

I knew in about 3rd grade that I wanted to go to Baylor. I didn't look at other schools and I didn't even apply to other schools. It was my one and only choice. My oldest brother went to Baylor but since he is 9 years older than me he had been gone from BU for sometime before I got there.

I conquered Baylor all on my own. I say "conquered" because I went there totally alone not knowing ONE PERSON there! It was four hours away from my home town of Houston, which isn't terribly far, but far enough when you're 18 and all alone.

I'll be honest and say my first semester was tough. My boyfriend, now husband, and I broke up the first month of college because we were so far apart and I had good friends but towards the end of the first semester we were beginning to go different ways...I even considered transferring closer to home because I was getting so miserable those first few months.

Then RUSH came around and I joined Kappa Alpha Theta and I AM NOT the sorority type. After I joined a sorority though my whole Baylor experience changed and not because of the sorority itself but because of my friends there.

I met Megan first, actually because we lived next door to each other in the dorms but we didn't really become friends until we pledged. You can say anything to Meg and she doesn't judge you. You can be absolutely crazy around her or laugh at her when she makes a fool out of herself and she doesn't care. She's great. I made her come with me to get my bridal portraits done because I knew she would make me laugh.


The night pledging was over I met Jaclyn and we were instantly friends. We held hands at a party to get through a crowd and not get lost and that was the first time I think I ever talked to her. She's the emotional one of the group and for sure has the biggest heart!
The last of the group I met was Ashley! Our first conversation was about my husband but then he was just my boyfriend. She was amazed we had been together so long. Ashley is one of those girls that guys LOVE but she really has no clue...she's for sure a heart breaker!


These girls forever changed my life! I grew up with only brothers so it's like they taught me how to be a girl. We spent so many nights drinking wine and watching Sex and the City. We pretty much did everything together.

(I'm the one with the longest hair)

Also, when you join a sorority you get a family. My family, voted best Theta family THANK YOU VERY MUCH, was Robyn (my big) and Allison (my little). I LOVE LOVE LOVE these two girls and I loved our weekly family lunch! We were also really good at taking awkward pictures!

So, to me Baylor was about my friends. The loves of my life. I miss seeing them everyday. They were my family for those four years I lived in Waco and I cried when we had to leave and graduate!

Read more about my besties: here,here,here,here or here!

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megma1717 said...

I love this blog! Such a gret example of why I love Baylor. Putting a link to this for sure!!! Can I do that?


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